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Walgreens Discounts, Deals and Coupon Codes

Walgreen's Deals: All daily, weekly, monthly

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By consensus, the weekly Walgreen's Ad is being replaced by this comprehensive thread. Until Walgreen's gives us better deals, we'll be able to follow more easily all the comments in one continuous thread.

Please post any tips, deals, coupon finds to help us all improve our Walgreen's shopping experience.

Thanks to Sugraray for the reminder:

If it is a BUY deal, ex: Buy 2 and earn RR, you can use WCR, RR, MQ, IVC whatever you want and still will earn your reward.
If it is a SPEND deal, ex: Spend $12 earn $5 RR, be careful! You cannot use WCR because that is taken off before it totals your spend. Same with IVC coupons (Walgreens coupons, found in the little paper book and also digital). If you have RR, be sure it is the regular manufacturer RR with a normal large barcode. That is treated like a MQ so you do need an item without another coupon to attach to. The store RR have a small barcode and says Store Coupon and lowers your "Spend" amount.

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Important Information not to be Ignored: Updating 8/8/2023 Restarting the Info thread.

If you have an issue in store, first come here and post about it. Do not run off to call Corporate because it can have unitended consequences.

(No longer available in store-The monthly book is in your DQ account coupons)
IVC is the paper coupon book found at the front of the store, new each month. Also available as digital store coupons. These are Walgreens coupons that can be paired- used at the same time as regular MQs.

At Walgreens, you must have one item for each coupon to attach to. For example: you are buying detergent, there is IVC for $1/1 and you have MQ $1/1. That is two coupons, so you need to add an item without a Q as a filler. Often Ramen, candy bar, sometimes tuna or broth.


DQs (Digital Coupons found on your account)
OTU (One Time Use)
OFY (Only For You-DQs)
Booster (Points coupons found digitally on your account or printed in store at the register's catalina machine)
PO or BOPIS (Pickup Order or Buy Online Pickup In Store)

Do I earn rewards on prescriptions?
You earn 1% Walgreens Cash rewards on the amount you spend out of pocket in our stores, including the amount you spend for a prescription. A prescription with a $0 copay won't earn Walgreens Cash rewards because you didn't pay anything out of pocket for the prescription. (Varies by State)

What do I need to redeem my Walgreens Cash rewards?
Your email or home address is required to redeem Walgreens Cash rewards. The best way to access personalized deals and additional program benefits is by adding your email address to your profile. - Your zip code is your redemption code.

You can earn 5% Walgreens Cash rewards on all Walgreens branded products. This means anytime you buy a product carrying the Walgreens brand name—including beauty products like facial cleansers or nail polish remover and health essentials like vitamins—you'll earn unlimited 5% Walgreens Cash rewards.

How does Pickup at Walgreens work?
Our Pickup service makes it easy to shop your local store online at or with the Walgreens App, then pick up your order in as little as 30 minutes.4 Choose your store and shop products on or the Walgreens App. Then choose curbside, drive-thru or in-store pickup. It's easy! We'll send you a notification email (and text if you opt in) when your order is ready, then visit the store and tap the "I'm here" button in the email or text link to let us know. A team member will bring the order to you.

How do I create a digital Wallet for contactless checkout? (Updated some areas have no access to this)

Join myWalgreens® and make sure you're using the latest version of the Walgreens App. Once you sign in to myWalgreens on the app, select your digital Wallet in the menu to add your credit card. Then you can start enjoying fast, contactless checkout!


Q & A
Credit: Valencia22

KikiandD Q:
"I am not a Walgreen's Extreme Couponer, though I aspire to be. I think you actually have to have a total over the booster threshold to get the points. Like, this week my digital booster amount is $30, so I have to actually spend that. I *think* that you can use register rewards in the store as part of your payment and it will still work, but I haven't gotten to this level yet. Still trying to amass register rewards.
Still a little confused about how it works if you use some Walgreen's bucks but still spend over the amount. I don't think that would work but I could be wrong. But another question, If you use Walgreen's bucks but still spend over $20 out of pocket, will that transaction count on your score card (meaning, do seven transactions of $20 or more in December, and earn an extra $10 in points)?"

Valencia22 A:

Yes, you can use Register Rewards to help cover your amount toward Boosters but you have to make sure that the ones you use say, Manufacture CPN at the top. Those count like coupons. You just have to make sure you have an item for each one to attach to. The Register Rewards that say Store CPN at the top work like store coupons so that amount would count against your total and only one can be used per transaction.

As far as boosters, the digital ones are more flexible to use than the printed ones. Printed ones, you can not use any Wags Cash and still earn the Booster. With the digital offers, as long as your subtotal before manufacture's coupons but after any Wags Cash/StoreCredit/Store Qs used is equal to or greater than the amount of your threshold, you can earn the Booster. To specifically answer your question about your 7 transactions, you don't have to spend $20 cash oop each time. Manufacture's coupons and RRs will count towards that $20. I did a transaction this week that may be a little bit more advanced but hopefully it will give you a better idea of what I am saying:
My Booster Offer was $5 wys $20 so I bought:

3 Snickers Bars $2.64 - $1/2 ip
2 Colgate Renewal $13.98 - $3 dq - $3 dq
2 BIC Razors $9.73 - $5 dq
2 Colgate Adv. $7.98 - $4/2 dq
2 Crest PH $6 - $2 mq - $2 mq
Subtotal: $40.33
I redeemed $20 in Wags Cash so now my total was $20.33 (still enough to earn Booster)
$20.33 - $20 qs = .33 + tax (paid oop)
I got back $9 WC ($5 = Booster, $4 = Colgate) $13 RR ($6 = Colgate Renewal, $4 = BIC and $3 = Crest). I also earned an extra $2 WC because I get 10% back all month for my birthday and I got .75 rebate offer for the Snickers

Wags can be confusing and irritating sometimes. I have had my share of failures but it gets a bit easier over time."