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Post #148077685 added 06-23-2021 4:36 PM by SlickCrowd6832 in Deal Talk
The problem is the Tab S7 was this price last week. And the Tab S7 is a HUGE upgrade.
Post #148050850 added 06-22-2021 5:56 PM by SlickCrowd6832 in Deal Talk
I am pretty sure this is a TYPO on Amazon... the Tab S7 is a 11" screen (A really really nice one) and the S7+ is a 12.4" OLED (even a better screen... but people have complained about a green tint,...
Post #148046866 added 06-22-2021 4:01 PM by yanksno1 in Deal Talk
Had a new Amazon Fire HD Tablet 10 Plus I returned, gift card, and a $10 credit so I got this for $168.64 after they were applied. Wasn't able to get in on the last Samsung deal after trying multiple...
Post #148042633 added 06-22-2021 2:17 PM by Elpoep in Deal Talk
I bought this thinking I might be able to get upgraded, crazy but, why the hell not... Free returns
Post #148042396 added 06-22-2021 2:12 PM by JakeW3302 in Deal Talk
Not even remotely decent of a deal. Wait for s7+ for sub-$400
Post #148042354 added 06-22-2021 2:11 PM by rbraden in Deal Talk
$500+ for a regular 128 GB S7? Lol, no.
Post #148042249 added 06-22-2021 2:09 PM by greendesert in Deal Talk
Amazon Fraud upto new tricks..did not find anything worthy. Saved my money. Prime day is like an insult that Amazon considers us to be dumb. It like a cult event to buy more echo devices.
Post #148041433 added 06-22-2021 1:49 PM by appel in Deal Talk
You can't turn back time, though. This is still a pretty good deal, and more importantly, available right now. Note that the 256GB and 512GB versions are also on sale, both of which come with 8GB...
Post #148040857 added 06-22-2021 1:36 PM by alps19821 in Deal Talk
it is S7, 11 display and without a keyboard or cover.
Post #148039447 added 06-22-2021 1:05 PM by optimus08 in Deal Talk
Got this for $280 thru EPP in January, this is not a deal
Post #148039435 added 06-22-2021 1:05 PM by aznkiz in Deal Talk
It's tab S7 with 11" IPS display.
Post #148039381 added 06-22-2021 1:04 PM by wolfie14 in Deal Talk
The S7 and S7 Plus can definitely handle Xbox streaming but you need a strong wifi connection. Also, this same tablet is $35 less with Samsung’s EDU discount. For $10 more than this deal, you can...
Post #148038712 added 06-22-2021 12:47 PM by Corrosive in Deal Talk
Super deceptive... this is the regular S7 not the Plus. This is 11 inches. I wonder how many people will be fooled by that.
Post #148038526 added 06-22-2021 12:43 PM by twoweeled in Deal Talk
I would've been all over this, if it came with a car!
Post #148038415 added 06-22-2021 12:40 PM by KienL in Deal Talk
Picture shows a keyboard, does it come with a keyboard?
Post #148037983 added 06-22-2021 12:31 PM by HIR3DPILOT in Deal Talk
I’ve been looking at the S6 Lite or the A7 and this deal is pretty good so I’m going to spend the little extra and hope it can handle streaming my Xbox to it. Thanks OP.
Post #148037908 added 06-22-2021 12:29 PM by un_plug in Deal Talk
Amazon has a title description error as the S7 is 11" not 12hat is strictly the S7+. Would have jumped all over this if it was the S7+.
Post #148037833 added 06-22-2021 12:28 PM by mrkmrk69 in Deal Talk
Flamethrowers Commence!!! (Title and email notification states 7+ screen size and deal is for regular 7 which is 12.4" vs 11")
Post #148037371 added 06-22-2021 12:17 PM by MHBoy in Deal Talk
Deal of the day for Prime Members: SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7 12.4-inch Android Tablet 128GB Wi-Fi Bluetooth S Pen Fast Charging USB-C Port, Mystic Black ...

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