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Post #56325902 added 12-22-2012 11:45 PM by iconian in Hot Deals
Without going into which camera is better or worse... I just want to know how good this deal is. I've been reading a lot of the comments which seem to hint that this is not that great of a deal,...
Post #56310402 added 12-22-2012 8:58 AM by iconian in Hot Deals
I've never used scene modes, I don't think you learn anything doing that. I was speaking just in general, to get your money's worth out of the D7000, you have to know what you're doing.
Post #56309226 added 12-22-2012 7:37 AM by iconian in Hot Deals
Wow, the instruction book is very helpful and it has lots of scene modes available on the top dial (the instruction manual is good for finding out what the pictures for the scene modes mean) for...
Post #56308498 added 12-22-2012 6:29 AM by iconian in Hot Deals
+1 if I hadn't spent 6 years learning on a D50, I'd find the D7000 baffling.
Post #56307068 added 12-22-2012 2:47 AM by iconian in Hot Deals
60D is much cheaper.
Post #56297236 added 12-21-2012 5:27 PM by iconian in Hot Deals
My very first camera ever was a D7000, it is very easy for a beginner with lots of scene modes and full auto ease of use. I have since sold it and gone with a D600 which is also very simple to use...
Post #56296672 added 12-21-2012 5:05 PM by iconian in Hot Deals
I think we agree as what you stated was exactly my point--If you are going to use the camera in full auto then the D7000 is not the right choice. However, I disagree that the 5100 is the best for...
Post #56291408 added 12-21-2012 1:32 PM by iconian in Hot Deals
I have to disagree. The 5100 exceeds most photographers needs, and certainly all beginners. Amazing how many 7000 and 600 users I see using the camera in full auto. In every case the bad pictures...
Post #56289116 added 12-21-2012 12:13 PM by iconian in Hot Deals
awesome. Let me try to return the class on demand card. I have no use of it.
Post #56288532 added 12-21-2012 11:53 AM by iconian in Hot Deals
For anyone still on the fence: The advantages of the D7000 are a significantly better focus system, faster shooting into 2 SD card slots, weather sealing, and the ability to use lenses without a...
Post #56287794 added 12-21-2012 11:29 AM by iconian in Hot Deals
I began with the D5100 and loved it. In my preference, it's the best APS-C for the money.
Post #56286624 added 12-21-2012 10:47 AM by iconian in Hot Deals
I'd prefer the D5100 to the D7000 simply for the vari-angle LCD display. If you are new to photography, the D5100 should do just fine for all your photography needs. Even on the Nikon site, D5100 has...
Post #56285590 added 12-21-2012 10:14 AM by iconian in Hot Deals
Seriously, if you're being convinced to go FX by some guy on Slickdeals, you probably shouldn't be buying FX. Someone would have to be really good for the D7000 to be limiting them that they need...
Post #56285520 added 12-21-2012 10:12 AM by iconian in Hot Deals
When amazon sold it, they packaged it with a "free" class on demand card, backpack and SD card, but they assigned values to each of those - presumably to make you return all of them for a full...
Post #56285308 added 12-21-2012 10:06 AM by iconian in Hot Deals
I actually brought it back then with the 18-200. I'm just surprise this is a FP but BF one is not...... How can you return something that is free to get the price down? And doesn't CB works on...
Post #56285022 added 12-21-2012 9:58 AM by iconian in Hot Deals
FX lenses have better performance profiles, hold better value, and it's an early pre-investment should you want to upgrade to an FX body. It's down to what you think is a good long term strategy. If...
Post #56283956 added 12-21-2012 9:21 AM by iconian in Hot Deals
The $999 was a much better deal. Go for it if it shows up again. I believe the 18-200 is a great lens and use it most of this time for convenience. It's not incredibly sharp, so if that's...
Post #56283832 added 12-21-2012 9:17 AM by iconian in Hot Deals
this Ive seen too many people buy nice bodies just to shoot with superzooms and other mediocre lenses
Post #56283696 added 12-21-2012 9:12 AM by iconian in Hot Deals
Lenses are way more expensive though, so you should only buy FX if you need FX.
Post #56282800 added 12-21-2012 8:43 AM by iconian in Hot Deals
If you have $1500 to spend on a camera kit, you should pony up a bit more for the D600 deal. That has better resale value and is a full frame camera. The sensor alone is 2.34x the size of the APS-C...
Post #56282740 added 12-21-2012 8:40 AM by iconian in Hot Deals
that deal got lost in the BF postings and isn't available anymore, so unless you have a time machine... That was a REALLY good deal. I bought it for $996, then returned everything except the...
Post #56282398 added 12-21-2012 8:27 AM by iconian in Hot Deals
I wonder why this is a front page deal but the black friday deal from Amazon is not. when you add the 18-200...
Post #56281370 added 12-21-2012 7:46 AM by iconian in Hot Deals
That's worth $100 right there! I'd buy the first gen, they're basically the same. But the resale is definitely higher on 2nd gen.
Post #56281350 added 12-21-2012 7:45 AM by iconian in Hot Deals
The new one has it on gold. :bounce:
Post #56281284 added 12-21-2012 7:42 AM by iconian in Hot Deals
I think the newer version says VR II in red? Those are probably the 1st gen version. There's so much competition now in the superzoom category, that's why these are so cheap.
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