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Never had these. Almost all the reviews indicate good to great flavor. I like both almonds and barley/oat/granola products so I'd probably love these. As is typical for these product, heavy duty perfectly legal concealment of product percentages.

Sugar - second ingredient, and then honey is the second ingredient of the third ingredient. 23 grams carbs - 3 are fiber, 11 are sugar. No way of knowing the glycemic index of the other 9 grams/carbs - are they simple starches that go right to sugar and your blood stream, or complex ones that take a while?

Palm Oil - 4th ingredient, plus the 4th ingredient sublisted for the 3rd ingredient again (almond butter). With all the other ingredients in "almond butter" filling, I would say there is a high probability this has more palm oil than almond. Palm oil is a very tasty saturated fat, so it's not particularly healthy (and they have butter in this product, too).

Plus palm oil plantations are hideous in that they produce biological desolation (heavily sprayed monocultures) on land taken from indigenous and/or poor communities. They were typically forced there since business and money interests could not make a profit off that land. Now agribusiness can make money with a Palm Oil plantation so they or those who sell to them either take the land directly, or via sweet-heart deals, or through manipulation of the political process/ownership laws. The people living there get pushed into slums, or de facto peonage (i.e. slave-like conditions via control of the cash economy and land use) working in terrible conditions on the plantations.
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