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Tojiro DP 240 mm Gyuto $89.95 Free Shipping @ Chefknivestogo

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First Post here. Long-time user.

Steel: VG-10

HRC: 60-61

Weight: 9.4 ounces

Blade Length: 240 mm

Overall Length: 365 mm

Spine Thickness at Base: 2.2 mm

Spine Thickness 25mm From Tip: 1.8 mm

Blade Height: 49 mm

Personal review of this knife:

This is a great workhorse blade, and I don't often see knives that are practical in a professional kitchen on SD. This is a heavier blade, very suitable for breaking down chickens or large quantities of speed chopping vegetable prep. Due to the width of the spine it isn't as nimble for detail oriented work or fine tasks like slicing raw fish (do not try to use for an application like sushi, or work that requires thin slices of something delicate). VG-10 holds its edge relatively well, and this is clad in stainless so it is a very low-maintenance blade. A few passes on a honing steel before use and you should be good to go; after an extended period this knife is very easily sharpened on stones and is very forgiving for novice sharpeners.

Amazon price $94.98 (Amazon Choice) so if you have some kind of reward that makes that a better deal go on ahead.

Chefknivestogo has been my source for all things knives for years, and I don't think they have ever popped up on my radar on SD. Customer Service is the best. Period.

In advance: Not sure if shipping is free for everywhere in the US, but I'll dig a bit and update the post later.

No information on this on CCC.

Edit: this is pretty much a 10 inch knife. most home use knives are going to be 8 inch. Technically this is 9 and change, but if you are considering purchasing for home use just know that this may have problems fitting into some knife blocks, and that it will be slightly larger than an average home use knife.
Good deal?
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It's a great knife and thanks for posting it, but I don't think the price is particularly slick. CCC shows the Amazon price has been around $95 for a while, ever since a bunch of Tojiro's blades went up over the past couple years.
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This is a SUPERB value knife, but this is the REGULAR PRICE
HIGHLY recommended for advanced home gourmets and this is one of the most commonly used knives in the world amongst working professionals I'd HIGHLY recommend it for people but you do need a bit of skill and discipline (a better knife means you need MORE skill and discipline, NOT less)
where is the slick deal?

AND BTW they sell a 210mm knife too ( 8 1/4 inch)
, and guess what, It's less money because it costs the company less to make and it's in higher demand.

It IS a great knife for a great price, but this is an EVERY DAY PRICE

And since you are using chef knives to go, (which is an excellent retailer, I also highly recommend them) You could have posted the Yahiko which is very very similar to the Tojiro and a little less pricey because it's a house brand
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Given that Tojiro is hardly ever offered at any discount due to availability, any discount is "slick," isn't it? And Free Shipping with no "Prime Membership" from a reputable dealer saves those without the $100+ annual some extra cash. Find a better price and I would agree, and this isn't the daily price on CKTG, so this type of deal is what pushes something over the edge into the "well that's the lowest you're ever going to see it" zone. And the Yahiko is a stellar value, but that's like comparing a Fuji apple to a Pink Lady; yes they're both apples but if you think the price is the same on average that would be incorrect. Because they're different enough to be different things. For the "a knife is a knife" type of person, grab a Chicago Cutlery at bargain-bin prices and keep moving. Nothing wrong with it, just meant for different things.

This is "slick" because this is not only 5% off the largest retailer worldwide, but also free shipping with no memberships required. Given that it's a discount compared to the vendors normal retail price, I don't see how this isn't the best price on this blade that I've seen in several years. No, it's not 50% off, and I don't believe this should reach the FP or anything, but if someone out there searches "Chef Knife" and only receives Victorinox (a great knife for a home cook, or for someone that works in a place where knives are abused regularly by fellow employees) or Shun, this is a great entry level gyuto for novice cooks by trade that have been on the fence about purchasing a knife. Something durable and low maintenance.

The reason the 8" knife isn't "slick" is for the same reason; an 8" knife has its place based on size and weight, but when someone prefers the weight and length of a 10" they should look to this deal as a go-to.

Glad you agree that it's a phenomenal value, though. Again, first post ever, just tired of not seeing any of the knife deals that I find that aren't "we only have one of these left" or "this is a single factory 2nd due to cosmetic blemish" type of thing never making it into the general population's knowledge. The world would be a better place if everyone had a better knife at home.
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