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DirecTV customers - Free offers to stay with DirecTV

Scarface97 160 40 September 29, 2005 at 12:52 PM in Mail In Rebate (8) More Direct TV Deals

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Last Edited by Scarface97 June 6, 2008 at 03:48 PM
Update: Emailing them from their website works great. They will call you directly and they will have a written record of your complaint.
You can also call 1-800-824-9081 and at the voice menu say "cancel service".

I called DirecTV to see what counter offers they had in place. I am only a Select Choice customer from 1997 and have a 40 hour Tivo unit, and get free local channels. So my monthly bill after taxes is now $51.

Current deals:
$10 off a month for the next 12 month - no commitment
$100 credit on your bill - no commitment
Free channels for a few months - no commitment
Miscellaneous DVR type of freebies/discounts - normally 2 yr commitment required.

Original posting deals that were going on:
Here is what the rep outlined (they know about the Dish Network special):
  • Upgrade Tivo to 80 hour free, and gives you a $100 rebate on top of that
  • 2 months Premium service free
  • 6 months of Showtime free
  • 3 months of Starz free

Hmmm....decisions, decisions.

Good luck!

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Last Edited by bgammill July 5, 2015 at 11:43 PM
According to trehutch on 6/19/15, the new number to call is 1-855-407-3110 and the deal code is GREATDEAL1. Aside from the new number/deal code, my script below should still give you the best chance of getting the best deal. Keep in mind that other than a couple of posters, as of May 27th most people have not been able to get the $200 Visa Gift Card.

4/9/15 per 4fit?

-Call 1-800-531-5000
-Get to retentions department
-Confirm you are in retentions department
-Don't bother with their offers and simply request a cancellation 2 weeks out
-Confirm cancellation date
-Wait to receive "We won't you back", "Let us make it right", "blah blah" call or email with special 877-250-4624 number and NEWDEAL1 or NEWDEAL2 code
-If you receive that email, great. Go ahead and call in as soon as you receive it.
-If you DO NOT receive the email in a few days, call the 877-250-4624 number anyway and tell them you received the email
-You may get turned down for "not being in their system" yet
-If that is the case, ask if they can get you added to the system
-No matter what they say, call back in 48 hours or so and try again
-You may still have to haggle with them a bit to get everything listed in this thread ($200 GC, 12 month discounts on package, free 2015 Sunday Ticket Max, 3 months of premium movie channels, all requiring a 12 month commitment (24 months if you elect to receive new equipment)), but they also may just lay it all out there for you from the start
-If all else fails, you can always call the 1-800-531-5000 number back before the date you set and have the cancellation removed and try the whole process again later

Image of the email you may receive after setting a disconnect date:

offered through them calling me FREE NFL ticket 3 mths Ultimate package (if that's what its called) for $5.99 per mth.. All they wanted was an additional 12 mths from me. Told them my contract doesn't expire till march they then said well then you will only have an extra 5 mths to finish it off :-)

1 free hddvr
another $100 hddvr
$120 credit for having existing hbo
6 months premium channels free

HD DVR $99 + $19 shipping
$10 credit per month for 12 months (the guy couldn't get this to go through so ended up doing an upfront credit of $120 to the account)

Not great, but what can you do? After 5 calls, I just wanted to get it overwith.

1 Free HD DVR (the new one with VOD)
2 HD DVR for $99 (the new one with VOD)
3 HD service free for a year
4 Starz, Showtime, Cinemax, HBO free for 6 months
5 Free install
6 $10 off per month for a year

(1) Free HD DVR
(2) Free S&H and Installation
(3) Free year of HD Service
(4) $10 off per month for 12 months
(5) Sports package (FSN, NESN, etc) for $2.99 a month originally $12.99 a month
(6) Starz and Showtime free for 6 months

All promotions came with 2 years more contract.

- 2 Free HD DVR receivers
- Free S&H and Installation
- Free year of HD and DVR service
- $20 off per month for 6 months
- Starz and Showtime free for 6 months
- 2 years commitment

new increase in prices. call for your free credits Smilie
I will call tomorrow! and let you guys know

-$300 Credit
-12 Months DVR Free
-3 Months of Showtime, Encore, & Starz Free
-No Commitment
well, I called the number in the OP (just the regular customer service number?) and said " cancel service" when prompted.

Got to talk to Ann (very friendly and helpful) and all I have to say is DirecTV just won major brownie points in my book. they are willing to offer a lot to keep you as customer.

My new deal:
- $10 HD access - FREE FOR 12 MONTHS
$65.99 Choice Extra Package - 230 channels (ncludes sports pack)
- $20 OFF for 12 months
- $5 OFF for 24 months
FREE STARZ, SHOWTIME FOR 6 MONTHS (do not have to call to cancel. they will roll off)
FREE HBO 3 MONTHS (call after 3 months to cancel)

FREE 2nd HD DVR RECEIVER (waived the technician charge) - requires you sign a new 2 year contract

$47.99 + $6/month (2nd DVR) = $53.99/month

needless to say, I'm staying! thanks OP and DirecTV

Customer of 11 years and never late on my bill. My discounts were ending so I called in to see if I can get my discounts renewed since I truly can not afford the regular price and need a discount to stay with them or else I would need to cancel. They said there are no discounts available at this time. I guess I would need to look to the cable company to get a cheaper basic service.

I would not sign up or change a directv package right now. This week they are supposedly coming out with a 5 tuner DVR and I would hate to be stuck with the old tech by signing up or committing to now. HMC has been out since 2011. Post is pointless.

Customer for 1 year, no late payments. Gave me 1 free HD DVR and 1 HD receiver for $49. Waived the HD service fee for 12 months and gave me $10 off my bill for 12 months.
Made me extend my contract.

10/02/2012directv customer for last 9 years, current bill of approx. $100 per month, do not watch much hbo, etc, or sports. Directv refused to upgrade boxes even though they were broken, without renewal of contract. Got Century link flyer in mail, signed up for 10mbps internet and same number of channels as directv for $96, 1 year contract, getting a $250 amex cad free and a samsung galaxy tablet for free.

10/04/2012DirecTv customer for 14 months (this time, first subscribed about one year after the company started) Called last weekend and I was offered $10 off for (I think) 12 months, 4 months of Showtime and the Red Zone Channel. I was told this was the only offers available at the time. I declined them.

This morning I e-mailed via their website and stated that I'd received a letter from Dish Network (true) and when comparing packages their top tier packages, without premium channels (America's Top 250) found that that package would be $36 less than what I'm paying for the Xtra package from DirecTv. I was sent an e-mail back giving me a phone number and PIN code to call in with.

I just spoke with the rep and she took $15 off for 15 months, $20 off for 12 months and $5 off for 24 months with a one time credit of $25. A total savings (over time) of $610.

She said DirecTv is always willing to work with their customers.

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DISH is offering 4 DVR's but like many I have DTV and have had some issues. I will call them and try to cancel today and see what they say since one of the dish DVR's offered is a HD!
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called today and only got:
HD-DVR $99 + $19.95 (s/h) = $118.95 +tx

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Quote from jayhawksean View Post :
called today and only got:
HD-DVR $99 + $19.95 (s/h) = $118.95 +tx

don't accept it, ask for more, that's what they offered me but I regret it, it's all crap, it might be 99$ but you're getting yourself into another 2 year commitment and a 4.99/monthly lease fee. For me, with tax included it was 137$. Not much of a deal.
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Yea, they are shoting themselves in the foot. Now that money is getting tight, folks are probably going to look for better offers. DTV does not seem hungry for business like the other companies. I'm going to make the switch. It can only get better.nod
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This is what I was offered on Friday.

- 6 months FREE. (basic family plan)
- 6 months Free movie channels. HBO-CINEMAX etc.

I spoke to a representative in Spanish, he kept raising the offers when I kept rejecting them. I already had DishNetwork installed so I did not take it.
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DTV is probably cutting back on the handouts because of the hit they took on the Best Buy HD Advantage deal. They wrote a big check to Best Buy for all those "new" customers. LOL
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I called CS yesterday and told them I wanted to cancel my service because I did not want to pay the fees associated with upgrading to HD, I received a gentleman who said they would like to keep me as a customer I have been with them for over 3 years. He first offered me two free HD receivers I said that time warner cable already offered me to HD DVR's he then upped his offer to one free HD DVR receiver and another for $99. He also gave me a credit for $120 for having HBO and gave me 6 months of all movies channels for free. Figured I would let everyone know of the deals that are possible.
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I just tried this and I received $10 off for 6 months.
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Just got a new DVR (not HD), waived the $19.95 "handling/delivery/install" fee + $10 off a month for 12 months - 2 year new committment though --(.

Mentioned a possible switch to Dish as existing DVR is dying. Very friendly service, no hassles.

Opps - no charge for the DVR!!
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DirecTV 11 satellite is getting ready to be launched at 3:48pm PDT

Webcast of the launch is here:

This satellite will give DirecTV the additional capacity to get to 150 National HD channels and approx. 1500 HD Local into Local channels. Whee

Sorry to the Dish Network folks for the satellite that was launched this past week that failed to reach it's geosynchronous orbit. It may still get there.
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I have comcast...because I liked all the sports in HD...I hope the satelite helps with
more HD
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Quote from Dad5Kids View Post :
I have comcast...because I liked all the sports in HD...I hope the satelite helps with
more HD
hahahaah you compared Sports on Comcast vs. Sports on DirectTV!! dude..................

do you get NFL Network, NBA Network, NHL Network in HD.. you have to pay extra for those channels on comcast. Don't get me started. vomit
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Quote from Tonedeaf View Post :
DirecTV 11 satellite is getting ready to be launched at 3:48pm PDT

Webcast of the launch is here:

This satellite will give DirecTV the additional capacity to get to 150 National HD channels and approx. 1500 HD Local into Local channels. Whee

Sorry to the Dish Network folks for the satellite that was launched this past week that failed to reach it's geosynchronous orbit. It may still get there.
what extra channels are going to be available?
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