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Post #152958910 added 01-18-2022 7:12 AM by nantucketman in Deal Talk
if i just want the hobby glue gun (smaller one with holster) and a battery, is this the best deal? I see it's only $30 for the tool but where is a cheap way to get batteries?
Post #152958685 added 01-18-2022 6:56 AM by SlickDealzYo in Deal Talk
I have the one with the 5 speeds I don't know about the other one but here is the 5 newest reviews from Home Depot. This is what's literally in the title for the first 5 reviews (link and picture...
Post #152957866 added 01-18-2022 6:02 AM by Ghost15026 in Deal Talk
Last free shipping offer from DTO was the past holiday so I don't know if it will work today: DTFOMLKSALE Some people reporting having to add two items to cart to get it to work, then remove the...
Post #152956825 added 01-18-2022 4:21 AM by dam091 in Deal Talk
Thanks for all that info. Do you know where I can get a free shipping code for DTO?
Post #152954857 added 01-17-2022 10:16 PM by backmenuinfo in Deal Talk
Didn’t think about the internet before. That’s actually a great idea. Thanks Sounds like you have the 300w inverter w true sine wave you should be able run any Dremel rotary tool
Post #152954797 added 01-17-2022 10:13 PM by jeffricks2051 in Deal Talk
Not true. I don't even have a dog. fyi, there are two versions of the dremel. One simple, small one that can be got for $20 at the right moment, and a much larger one with dial. Think it's $55...
Post #152954710 added 01-17-2022 10:04 PM by jeffricks2051 in Deal Talk
Good point. You are right that the figures should be checked first. I didn't say anything about that. Generally speaking the inverter brings opens a lot of options for qualifying better corded...
Post #152954593 added 01-17-2022 9:53 PM by backmenuinfo in Deal Talk
150w inverter is good for up to 1.25a output at 120v. Larger model Dremels may not work
Post #152954296 added 01-17-2022 9:27 PM by jeffricks2051 in Deal Talk
Get the inverter, and you can use any dremel you want that has a standard outlet cable. Same for glue gun, and soldering iron.
Post #152954215 added 01-17-2022 9:17 PM by Ghost15026 in Deal Talk
You are correct! I just looked again. I never tried to use AC/120v - a 4ah battery lasts forever in it.
Post #152951740 added 01-17-2022 6:26 PM by backmenuinfo in Deal Talk
Larger rotary tool is not hybrid. Only battery powered
Post #152950762 added 01-17-2022 5:36 PM by ETR2k3 in Deal Talk
I bought the Dremel for ~$20 last year, even after reading the negative reviews, and I’ve been pleased. Better than anything Harbor Freight has in that price range, plus the flexibility of not being...
Post #152935267 added 01-17-2022 2:37 AM by SlickDealzYo in Deal Talk
i have the dremel... it's use is pretty limited to just sanding your dog's nails.
Post #152931751 added 01-16-2022 7:48 PM by Stealth103 in Deal Talk
Honestly, if you're looking for a good portable soldering iron the TS100 is great, and can be used with a battery pack for portability. I bought one 4 years ago or so and it has replaced my at home...
Post #152901697 added 01-15-2022 12:03 PM by MagicMarker18 in Deal Talk
they kinda half ass on the "cordless" part...but its kinda impossible to make it light weight weight ...almost better to get a butane one.
Post #152901658 added 01-15-2022 12:01 PM by Greg231 in Deal Talk
I have various soldering irons. A gas powered portable soldering iron is a way better way to go; it takes a lot of current to heat a soldering tip, batteries just don't cut it.
Post #152899768 added 01-15-2022 10:15 AM by bigal8627 in Deal Talk
Thank you for this detailed review with comparison to other options. Some people just throw out their opinions and say yes and no with nothing to compare to.
Post #152897122 added 01-15-2022 7:55 AM by WooHoo2You in Deal Talk
The soldering iron apparently has a single temp setting which really limits its use. I find being able to dial in a temp (at least have a few settings!) is huge help when going from large wire...
Post #152894113 added 01-15-2022 2:59 AM by dweezy in Deal Talk
Or you can get a pinecil soldering iron for ~$30 if you value portability
Post #152893888 added 01-15-2022 1:54 AM by buybuydandavis in Deal Talk
Can get the battery, charger, and glue gun for $40 now. Decent deal. That leaves paying $60 for a soldering iron and a reportedly bad rotary tool as bare tools. Bad deal.
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