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Lorex / Dahua OEM 6x 4K / 8MP security camera system w/ 8 port POE IP NVR 2TB HDD kit at Costco B&M YMMV for $799.99

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UPDATE: 11/2018 - When I first posted this, it was a very good deal. This kit is no longer available, and for the price is still a decent deal considering the Costco return policy. There is a newer version of this kit - with "active defense" cameras - that is they have 2-way talk, PIR sensors - for the same price. There are threads on that kit here on SlickDeals as well as on ipcamtalk.

At this time, this "deal thread" is still a useful reference, and should be used as such instead of considering this a current deal.

This appears to be is a great deal on a POE 4K / 8MP security camera system / surveillance camera system / kit.

Having used wireless products which failed to provide the reliability I needed in a security camera system I've been looking closely at wired systems, and this is what I would currently recommend taking a serious look at.

After extensive review of video captures ( see the below wiki ) as well as calculation of the ID distance it is clear that if you want the greatest chance to ID any suspects you will need proper placement of security cameras as well as plenty of pixels on target. This 4K / 8MP security camera system represents a exceptional value which with proper placement can give you superior chances to ID suspects compared to all the lower resolution options at a price less than 2x this kit.

This deal does not appear online at Costco.com, but only in the B&M stores. I suspect this is because the price is lower than what Lorex would like advertised.

Costco Store Locator

Please check your local store for this deal. ( Local stores may still have this kit, mine had it for about 1 month )
Update: 12/5/2017 - also available on Google Express, please see the bottom for more info. Thanks to EverGreed

Now available online at costco.com - thanks vtm6000
Quote from vtm6000
OP, the bundle is available on Costco.com


May cost less if you have a valid $25 off $250 coupon

IF you have any doubts, I highly recommend you pick this up from your local Costco if they have it and bench test it. Remember Costco has a great return policy, and I think you will really like this once you've invested a little time playing with it.

My local costco B&M had it on display, and indeed it looks like Dahua is the OEM based on the cameras and NVR interface I saw. This appears to be a great deal as the cheapest I can find a Dahua 4K / 8MP camera in this form factor is about $150 shipped from China. 6x $150 = $900. Thus for less than 6 similar 4K / 8MP cameras I get 6 cameras AND a 8 port POE NVR w/a 2 TB HDD. ( I would expect to spend $250+ for the NVR and HDD )

Note regarding "4K" / 8MP cameras - currently most of what are called 4K security cameras are not fully compliant with known 4K standards as they do not have enough processing power to fully handle enough fps to fully meet any 4K specs. Thus while their resolution maybe 4K compatible, their fps are not. In this case the cameras in this kit are able to record 15 fps, which is typically good enough for most security camera applications while keeping the storage needed for the videos lower than a fully compliant 4K camera due to the reduced fps.

Lorex Kit Model number: LNR6826K
1x 8 port POE NVR. rated for 4K cameras w/2TB HDD - ( looks like model NR9082 LNR6100 / LNR6108 )
6x 4K 4mm lens 88 deg FOV POE outdoor rated cameras - ( looks like model LNB8111B LNB8005 )
6x 100ft 60ft of ethernet cable[*]

Costco Item: 1163871

Thus, you have 2 more ports available for additional cameras to augment this kit, so you can purchase cameras which maybe specific for night time images ( like the Dahua starlight lines of 2MP cameras ) or perhaps even a PTZ or a smaller camera by your front door.

[ * - Thanks beef1218 who picked up a kit and noted that if you want to return the kit you will need to also return the ethernet cable thus, we recommend that you buy a bulk 1000ft box from monoprice and cut custom lengths as needed setting the ethernet cable aside from the kit in case you need to return it. ]

Camera info:
Image Sensor 1/2.5" 8MP
Effective Pixels H: 3840 × V: 2160
S/N Ratio 42dB (AGC OFF)
AES Shutter Speed 1/3 (1/4) ~ 1/10,000 seconds
Min. Illumination 0.5 lux without IR
Video Output IP
Lens / Lens Type 4mm F1.6 / Fixed
Termination RJ45 Ethernet / 12V DC Power)
IR LED Type 850nm
Night Vision Range 130ft (40m) / 90ft (27m)
Power Requirement PoE (Power over Ethernet) Class 0 / 12V DC
Power Consumption Max. 330mA / 4W
Operating Humidity Range Less than 95% RH
Environmental Rating IP66 (Indoor / Outdoor)
Weight 1lb / 0.5kg

PDF spec sheets from Lorex LNB8005 camera:
LNB8111B camera

The camera can capture 4K video at 15fps - which is good for most security camera installations, if you need more fps you can run the cameras at lower resolution.

NVR spec sheet ( LNR6100 ) - note has room for 1 HDD vs 2 HDD for NR9082
( spec sheet may indicate upto 1x 6TB HDD supported, numerous people have tested 8-10TB HDDs in newer Dahua NVRs to work w/o issues )

Mobile app access and Cloud options is available via FLIR product offers, as well as other options if you are willing to take some additional time to configure.

You do not even have to connect this to the internet if you decide to keep it isolated.

It appears to be the following system, which is listed at $1999.99 on the lorex site:
( note there is a 15% off code, so $1700 )

[ update thanks to Atken ] the LNR6826K kit - which currently has no list price on the lorex site:
Note reviews on the Lorex site, 9/10 there are 3 reviews all indicating purchase from Costco - one indicating got it to work with T-mobile ( see comment section for more discussion points )

Each 4K ( 8MP ) camera is listed at $329.99 on the lorex site:

[ update thanks to Atken ]
I was unable to find the webpage for the camera model LNB8005 on the lorex website

comparing the pdf spec sheets for the LNB8005 and LNB8111B they appear to have the same specs.

Wondering if they made a special model number for Costco.

note review under the 4KHDIP86 kit: "Georgex July 21, 2017
Location: Los Angeles
Bought it from Costco over a week ago.."

References for the LNB8111B camera:
Video images from the camera

B&H is listing the LNB8111B camera for $399

Staples is listing the LNB8111B camera for $343

Walmart is listing the LNB8111B camera for $300

If you need a junction box for this, please search for Dahua PFA121 ( IP66 rated when properly installed ) - this will allow you to put the connectors into the junction box instead of leaving them outside or stuffing them into your walls. Also a junction box allows you to connect with 1/2 EMT conduit to run your ethernet cabling through it ( you will need to use bulk cable and terminate the RJ45 )

Note, Lorex has recently added a junction box which should work for these cameras on their site:

The camera appears similar to IPC-HFW4830E-S, note the specs are different in some aspects

Downloads for the NVR as well as manual:

ID spec distance and associated area max covered calculations ( 100ppf+ ):
Lorex LNB8005 4K camera 4mm lens 88 degrees: 25.0 feet [ this is actually very good for a camera with this wide angle lens, note the range will be reduced in low light conditions. ]

This is the theoretical max based on raw pixels from the horizontal resolution and the horizontal FOV. Calculations based on data provided in ads / spec sheets. Some vendors like to play games and list diagonal FOV instead of horizontal FOV as that number is bigger and not clarify that it is diagonal FOV.
Actual real world results will be decreased due to the quality of the camera ( glass vs plastic lens, compression quality, sw/firmware,... ), installation view, as well as environmental conditions ( low light, haze, fog, glare off snow, water rain,.. ).

Practical meaning: Place your cameras in such a manner that any suspect / subject you wish to potentially ID is within this ID spec distance, as well as in a placement which will give you a high likelihood of obtaining a good facial image ( mount camera 8 feet or less high ).

For a license plate expect to need 60-80 ppf during the day. ( multiply the ID distance by 1.25-1.66 to determine the theoretical distance get a good readable license plate image ) Some will say you can go as low as 40 ppf and still read a plate.

compare to:
Ring Video Doorbell 720p at 160 degrees: 4.08 feet { 23.23 sq feet covered }
Logitech Logi Circle HD Wireless Security Camera 720p at 135 degrees: 5.44 feet { 34.85 sq feet covered }
Arlo Pro / Arlo Go / Netgear Flexpower HD camera 720p at 130 degress: 5.644 feet { 36.12 sq feet covered }
LaView 2MP 1080p fisheye WiFi camera LV-PWF80216-W 1080p at 185 degrees: 5.95 feet { 57.13 sq feet covered }
Logitech Circle 2 (V-R0008) 1080p at 180 degrees: 6.11 feet { 58.6 sq feet covered }
ezviz Mini Trooper 720p wire free cam at 116° : 6.33 feet { 40.54 sq feet covered }
Foscam C1 720p at 115 degrees: 6.38 feet { 40 sq feet covered }
YI Home Camera 720p at 111 degrees: 6.61 feet { 42.3 sq feet covered }
Arlo 720p at 110 degrees: 6.67 feet { 42.68 sq feet covered }
Blink XT - 720p ( 1080p version is planned ) at 110 degrees: 6.67 feet { 42.68 sq feet covered }
Ring Video Doorbell 2 / Pro / Elite 1080p at 160 degrees: 6.88 feet { 66.06 sq feet covered }
Ring Spotlight Cam wired / battery / solar 1080p at 140 degrees: 7.86 feet { 75.44 sq feet covered }
Ring Floodlight Cam 1080p at 140 degrees: 7.86 feet { 75.44 sq feet covered }
Eufy EverCam 1080p at 140°: 7.86 feet { 75.44 sq feet covered }
D-Link DCS-933L 640x480 at 45.3: 8.0988 feet { 25.92 sq feet covered }
ezviz CV-200 Mini Plus 1080p 135° : 8.15 feet { 78.21 sq feet covered }
Arlo Q / Arlo Q plus 1080p at 130 degrees: 8.47 feet { 81.34 sq feet covered }
Arlo Pro 2 1080p at 130 degrees: 8.47 feet { 81.34 sq feet covered }
Nest Cam Outdoor / Indoor 1080p at 130 degrees: 8.47 feet { 81.34 sq feet covered }
Samsung SmartCam SNH-V6431BN / V6414BN 1080p at 130 degrees: 8.47 feet { 81.34 sq feet covered }
Xiaomi MIJIA Smart 1080P IP Camera at 130 degrees: 8.47 feet { 81.34 sq feet covered }
Amcrest IPM-721S 720p IP camera at 85 deg H FOV as per chat w/Amcrest: 8.63 feet { 55.2 sq feet covered }
Zmodo "spoe is not compatible with poe" bullet cam 2.8mm 720p at 81 degrees: 9.06 feet {57.99 sq feet covered }
Ring Stick Up 720p at 80 degrees: 9.17 feet { 58.67 sq feet covered }
Canary Flex 1080p at 116 degrees: 9.488 feet { 91.08 sq feet covered }
YI Dome Camera 1080p HD 112°: 9.82 feet { 94.396 sq feet covered }
Foscam R2 1080p at 110 degrees: 10.00 feet { 95.94 sq feet covered }
Wyze Cam 1080P 110°: 10.00 feet { 95.94 sq feet covered }
Reolink Argus 1080p at 130 110°: 8.47 10.00 feet { 81.34 95.94 sq feet covered }
Amcrest ProHD 1080p IP2M-841 / IP2M-841B at 90 degrees: 12.23 feet { 117.41 sq feet covered }
Annke AU-I61DR0104#US1 Cube Camera 4mm 1080p at 85°: 12.95 feet { 124.33 sq feet covered }
Swann PRO-T852 BNC connectors 1080p 80°: 13.76 feet { 132.12 sq feet covered }

LaView 2MP dome camera (LV-PD50208 / LV-PD51208C) 2.8mm lens 1080p 98 degrees: 11.23 { 107.8 sq feet covered }
LaView 2MP bullet camera (LV-PB912F4C from kit LV-KNT91F84E2 ) 4mm lens 1080p at 83.6 degree: 13.16 feet { 126.28 sq feet covered }
LaView 2MP bullet camera (LV-PB932F4) 1080p 79 degree: 13.9 feet { 133.13 sq feet covered }
LaView 4MP dome camera (LV-PD5040 / LV-PD514028C) 2.8mm lens 2688x1520 98 degrees: 15.72 { 211.23 sq feet covered }
LaView 4MP dome camera (LV-PD504028) 2688x1520 90 Degrees: 17.12 feet { 230.08 sq feet covered }
LaView 4MP Bullet Camera (LV-PB3140WC) 4mm lens 2688 x 1520 Viewing Angle: 83.6 Degrees: 18.43 feet { 247.67 sq feet covered }
LaView 4MP bullet camera (LV-PB3040W) 2688 x 1520 79 Degree:19.5 feet { 262.0 sq feet covered }
LaView 4MP bullet camera (LV-PB3040W) 4mm lens 2688x1520 70 Degrees: 22.01 feet { 295.78 sq feet covered }

Qsee 3MP IP Bullet Camera (QTN8037B) 2048x1536 65°-70° ( using 70 degrees ): 16.77 feet { 171.7 sq feet covered }
Qsee 3MP IP WiFi Dome Camera (QCW3MP1D) 3.6mm 2304 x 1536 81°assume H FOV: 16.30 feet { 187.70 sq feet covered } ( using 2304 x 1536 on data sheet, Costco page shows 2048x1536 )
Qsee 4MP IP Bullet Cameras (QCN8026B) 3.6mm lens 2560 x 1440 84° : 17.47 feet { 223.61 sq feet covered }

Swann 5MP IP Bullet Camera (NHD-850) 2560x1920 note same H FOV as 4MP 63° : 23.3 feet { 298.3 sq feet covered }

Amcrest 4MP IP Bullet Camera (IP4M-1025E) 3.6mm lens 2688(H)x1520(V) 83°: 18.34 feet { 246.44 sq feet covered }

Hikvision DS-2CD2332-I 3MP EXIR Turret IP Cam 2048 x 1536 w/4mm lens 75.8° : 15.49 feet { 158.64 sq feet covered }

Dahua IPC-HDW4231EM-AS starlight fixed lens 1080p 1920x1080
w/2.8mm lens FOV H 110 degrees: 10 feet { area covered 95.94 sq feet covered }
w/3.6mm lens FOV H 87 degrees: 12.65 feet { 121.43 sq feet covered }
w/6mm lens FOV H 51 degrees: 21.58 feet { 207.16 sq feet covered }

Lorex 2MP / 1080p camera at 90 degrees: 12.23 feet { 117.4 sq feet covered }
Lorex 3MP camera at 75 degrees: 15.65 feet { 160.22 sq feet covered }
Lorex 2K / 4MP cameras at 83 degrees: 18.56 feet { 249.38 sq feet covered }
Lorex 2k / 4MP cameras 2688×1520 at 101 degrees ( like the bullet LKB343B or dome LKE343 in a lorex kit from costco online ): 17.12 feet { 258.2 sq feet covered }

Lorex 4K / 8MP LNB8921BW Bullet Camera 3840(H)×2160 (V) 2.8 lens FOV H:112.5°: 19.57 feet { 375.8 sq feet covered max }
Lorex 4K / 8MP LNE8950AB "Dome" / Turret Camera 3840(H)×2160 (V) 2.8 lens FOV H:112.5°: 19.57 feet { 375.8 sq feet covered max }

Lorex 4K / 8MP LNB8005 / LNB8111B Bullet Camera as well as Dahua IPC-HFW4830E-S 4K camera 4mm lens 88 degrees: 25.0 feet { 479.7 sq feet covered max }

Lorex 4K / 8MP LNB8973 Bullet Camera as well as Dahua IPC-HFW5830E-Z Bullet Camera 4K 3840(H)×2160 (V) varifocal 2.8-12mm lens FOV H:102°~39°: 21.58~56.44 feet { 414.4~1083.59 sq feet covered max }
Lorex 4K / 8MP LNE8974 "Dome" / Turret Camera as well as Dahua IPC-HDW5830R-Z Turret Camera 4K 3840(H)×2160 (V) varifocal 2.8-12mm lens FOV H:102°~39°: 21.58~56.44 feet { 414.3~1083.59 sq feet covered max }


Acti Lens Calculator ( I believe this is a EU standard as the primary column is in ppm instead of ppf - for facial ID their standard here is 300ppm - or 91 ppf. I am using the 100 ppf as a standard in my calculations )
Face Recognition Standard 300ppm Car License Plate Recognition Standard 220 ppm

IF you have any doubts, I highly recommend you pick this up from your local Costco if they have it and bench test it. Remember you can add 2 more cameras to the NVR, perhaps a camera with a zoom or a PTZ camera or a starlight camera.

Youtube review is available by cipioh: Thanks Cipioh!
Quote from cipioh
I just posted a quick video on this system, now that I have it home. I even recorded the beginning of the video with the actual Lorex 4K camera so you can see the quality.


I will be installing soon!

Please see the wiki for notes on bench testing this unit.

A number of SDers have reported a 1-2 second lag between actual view and the live OSD ( On Screen Display ). When accessing the camera directly this lag is not apparent according to reports. For recording purposes this should not be an issue. A more powerful display system, such as a better more powerful model of NVR or a i5/i7 windows PC running Blue Iris should resolve this lag.

Google Express availability info, thanks EverGreed:
Quote from EverGreed
Saw this system available at google express. Good for those who don't want to go to store and pick up.

If you need a better NVR with alarms consider the following kit:Q-See 8-Channel 4K HD IP NVR with 4TB HDD, 4 4K Cameras with 100' Night Vision
Item #1381613 Online Price 999.99$ Less 150.00 $ - $849.99 After $150 OFF
( $150 manufacturer's savings** is valid 9/28/17 through 10/31/17. While supplies last. )

If you need more ports and a better NVR consider:
Good deal?
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Thank you!
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Community Wiki

Last Edited by mat2000 January 28, 2019 at 11:38 AM
Goal: To get the best value in a security system which is reliable.
With this system ( Lorex Kit Model number: LNR6826K ) imho you have a great deal with a good set of hardware and the ability to augment this with 2 additional cameras.
It will require some DIY(*) learning and configuration as do most professional and pro-consumer security products require if you are not hiring professional installers and service.

( * - please see the discussion for numerous reports that Costco services and Lorex appear to be unable to assist in some of the setup questions people have had. We may have to go to various online forums to find answers and solutions. Once installed you should expect excellent reliability. )

Security Camera System Minimal Viable Product requirements:
  • 1) It must be Reliable.
  • 2) It must be able to capture good enough images to potentially ID suspects.
  • 3) It must be useful for evidence. [ thus date and time stamps are critical ]

What does this mean in practical terms?
Wired systems with local storage will be the most reliable. While some maybe able to get wifi cameras to work well enough it requires a significant investment in building and maintaining a quality wifi network, which most people are unwilling to learn and spend the resources to do. Wifi is also subject to interference ( common ) and even possible jamming ( less common ).
Quality cameras are required. 1080p+ The best way to determine if a camera is good is to test it and compare it to others. Megapixels is only one factor to look at, and does not in itself determine the quality of the image. That said, your search should avoid 720p and poorer spec'ed cameras, they tend to be the cheaper cameras and provide poorer results. Test both day time and night time.
Few consumer marketed cameras have date and time stamps. This is critical if you plan to use your video images for evidence.
[ good wired camera = In general either PoE ( Power over Ethernet ) using cat5e/cat6 cable for digital, OR coax wire with power wires and BNC connectors for analog based systems. ]

Common mistakes:
  • Too few cameras installed. Plan for at least 6-8 cameras. Have 2+ cameras covering the approach to and including the front door area.
  • Cameras mounted too high. Mount cameras < 8 feet high to get a good angle for potential ID purposes.
  • Poor quality, resolution, and wide angle cameras resulting in short ID distances.
  • Over estimating the quality of motion detection and video snap shots and thus not recording full time ( 24/7 )
  • Over estimating the reliability of wire free and wifi cameras, as well as cloud connectivity.
  • Placing cameras indoors behind windows looking out. Window glass typically will reflect IR signals, thus rendering PIR motion detection and IR base night vision nearly useless.
  • Installing dome cameras outdoors. Dome cameras have more glare and IR reflection issues as well as over the long term direct UV exposure will decay the plastic dome. Turret / Eye ball form factor cameras are often better options.
  • Over valuing MP / Megapixels when comparing systems. There is a lot more to a security camera in obtaining quality images than MPs. The sensor model and size matter, as does the f stop, lens quality, software / firmware. It gets complex.
  • Installing cameras without bench testing before.

Think about using multiple products
No one system or product is able to do multiple functions well. A security camera system is only one useful tool. Also look at an alarm system, as well as other protective measures. Furthermore, it is OK to actually purchase multiple products to augment each other. For example, doorbell camera / intercom technology is still rapidly developing - so perhaps purchasing a separate product and using that in conjunction with a good wired security camera system. You want to talk to those who have broken into your house? Well pick up the best product for that and use it to augment the best product for image / video captures ( typically a wired solution ). Remember none of the current products available do a great job with all features and thus it is OK to combine different products to get better results.

What do you want to accomplish with a security camera system?
  • Is the day time more of a threat? or night time? If night time look at the starlight models referenced here, if day time the 4K cameras work well. If a combination get both starlights and consider good 4K cameras.
  • See what happened?
  • Potentially ID suspects? Locate cameras less than 8 feet high and close enough to get a potential ID'able facial image. ( please see the ID distance list )
  • Help deter criminal activities? Mount your cameras in obvious locations.
  • Keep an eye on your car parked in your drive way? in the street?
  • Potentially ID cars which suspects maybe using?
  • Watch of other activities, wild animals, your dogs, your cats, birds,..
  • License plate captures? For successful license plate captures you may need to dedicate a camera to it as it requires camera tuning adjustments which makes the overall picture darker.
  • While you are thinking about these issues, you will need to look at potential camera installation locations and measure the distance to the potential suspect and determine if you are within the ID distance. You may need a camera with a better "zoom".

How many cameras do I need?
That's a difficult question to give a good answer to as it varies depending on the quality of the camera and what you are attempting to accomplish. I have seen 32 cameras in just one pharmacy, so you should not be shy about installing more cameras than you initially imagined.
For a modest house expect decent outdoor coverage with 6-8 good cameras. For better coverage and / or larger houses / buildings plan on getting a system which can support up to 16+ cameras.

Recommended Locations for outside cameras:
( For modest sized houses cameras can cover multiple areas - example one of the front of the house cameras can cover parking area, expect to use 6-8 cameras for a modest size home. )
2x for front of house
1-2x covering car parking area if outside ( recommend 2+ now )
1-2x covering front entrance
2x covering side of house ( one on each side )
2x covering back of house
1-2x covering each entrance
1-2x covering sidewalk / street in an attempt to ID vehicles ( you may need a better "zoom" for this camera )
0-1,2x dedicated to read license plates ( LPR ). Note you will need to adjust/tune this camera to be able to read license plates.

Recommended - optional - locations for indoor cameras: ( If wiring a new house add cat5e/cat6 connections even if you decide not to include cameras )
1x camera per each entrance
1x camera in the garage
1x cameras hidden facing out from the TV/media center area at face level

Installation recommendations and notes:
[*]1) DIY - YES you can do this!
  • Plenty of resources online to help guide you from videos on youtube, blogs, to forums. ipcamtalk.com for instance has a large number of us from Slickdealers doing DIY installs to save some cash.
  • Depending on your building / house construction this can be an easy DIY job to a complex DIY job. One story houses with accessible attics will typically be easiest.
  • Expect to run ONE cat5e/cat6 line from the NVR to EACH IP POE camera. If you need to "split" a line - it gets complex and more expensive as you are now looking at more equipment - cheaper to just run the cable for most of us.
  • If you are going to a separate building, such as a detached garage - do seriously consider pulling your cat5e/cat6 line directly there if it is close enough ( 100M / 328 feet ). If that will be too hard an alternative which people like is using a powerline adapter with a POE power injector for each camera in the garage.
  • Test your locations before pulling the cable to it. ( see notes previously )
  • Bench test your cameras to be certain they work well before installing them.
  • Recommend considering running any additional lines at this time - perhaps a couple to your media center. For each camera I ran 2 cables - so if I have have an issue I can try the other cable. Remember to cut the cable longer than you expect to use to make it easier to put the connectors on as well as give enough slack to move your location around a bit also if your cable is running outside cut it even longer to allow you to install a "drip loop" to help direct water away from the camera.
  • Recommend the junction boxes / public fixture boxes listed in the notes. Even if you do not use EMT conduit they are very nice.
  • Recommend the stretch silicone tape to help keep water out of the connection also. When wrapping it be certain you keep the RJ45 connection tight to the camera.
  • Protect the cat5e/cat6 from direct UV exposure. You can paint the cable to match the walls. If you have sliding you can often push the cable under the sliding. Recommend 1/2" EMT for surface mounted cable runs, especially in locations which it would be easy for someone to reach and cut the cable. If you are in a location which has high humidity, you may want to consider a conduit more resistant to rust / oxidation.
  • Do not over bend the cat5e/cat6 cable and do not pull to hard on it, as you can cause a break in it. HAVE SOMEONE help you do the cable pulls.
  • Consider using 3/4"+ grey electrical PVC pipe for cable runs in the attic if you attic space makes it difficult to stand up in.
  • Remember to limit the number of 90 degree turns if using conduit as it can get difficult to pull cable through.
  • Recommend monoprice.com for Cat5e/cat6 cable, keystone jacks, RJ45 connectors, and tools for cable work. Watch for sales on the weekends from them.
  • If you need to, cutting small sections of your indoor drywall from one stud to the next can be a very good way to gain access to your wall cavity to drill and bring wiring down to the proper location.
[*]2) Hiring a contractor:
  • Recommend looking for A. securty cameras and/or alarm system installers or B. Electricians - a good one should be able to do a very nice job. Expect the price to vary depending on the complexity of the job which will be mostly dependent on the construction and layout of your building / house. Expect the quotes to vary a bit, and expect the work to start early in the AM if it will be a hot day.
  • According to Home Advisor the cost to install ( no hardware, just install ): National Average $1,448, Typical Range $747 - $2,149, High End $3,500.
Camera location planning:


Addition DIY installation notes:

1) Bench test all security camera systems before installing to determine if you are happy with their performance. Test both day light conditions as well as night time / low light conditions.

2) test the view in the locations you plan to place the cameras before running your wiring, you may need to adjust the location a bit. A gopro on a stick, or your cell phone on a selfie stick can be useful here. You can also run temporary wiring to the location and use the phone app and view the cameras in realtime to adjust the view. Remember to take account of the FOV ( 88 degrees for these cameras ) of the cameras you plan to install - it will be different than your cell phone or gopro camera.To obtain better night time images try to minimize the view of surfaces which will bounce the IR light back to the camera and negatively affect the night time exposure. ( reduce the view of walls, roof over hangs, fascia, soffits, .. )
3) If you plan to use the cameras to potentially ID suspects, place the camera(s) lower than 8ft covering potential entry ways. Also remember the spec for IDing purposes is 100+ppf. Thus wide FOV cameras have shorter ID distances. A 4K camera will have 2x the distance to ID compared to a like 2MP / 1080P camera ( given both captures same quality of pixels ).
4) keep the wiring bundle protected from the elements by either pushing it back into the wall / attic area or use a junction box ( for this model please see the reference above ) I used silicone tape such as the following to help keep the water out of the connections https://www.harborfreight.com/1-i...61414.html Also use dielectric gel in the female RJ45 connection to help keep water out of the connection.
5) recommend getting a 1000ft bulk cat5e/cat6 cable from monoprice ( watch them for sales during weekends, get solid copper ) and the appropriate tools to crimp RJ45 ends to the cables - this will allow you to drill smaller holes during your installation. ( otherwise you will need 3/4"+ holes ) [ DO NOT buy CCA (Copper Clad Aluminum) wire - it is a fire hazard ]
6) Have a friend help you with the wiring pulls

Bench Testing, What do I need to do?:
You want to test to be certain that everything is working from the kit.
Connect the NVR and cameras up and power up all devices, view at night and day time, see if focus is OK, IR lights work, colors good during daytime. Test each port of the NVR. You can then also play with possible locations and positioning of your cameras before finalizing your wiring. You may also want to test the configuration and settings of the NVR at this time.
Test the LNR6826K kit ( NVR: LNR6100 / LNR6108, 6x 4K PoE cameras LNB8005 ) on screen display ( OSD ) live view, try both a computer monitor and 4K TV if you have one. There have been reports of lag on live viewing w/screens attached to the NVR, so you will want to determine if that is acceptable or if you should be purchasing a higher model kit, or more powerful NVR, or using a i5/i7 PC running Blue Iris. Reports that live viewing directly from the cameras work well. Remember, the value of the cameras alone is significant and thus you will still have a deal if you decide to use these cameras with another recording / display system.

New Construction additional notes:
  • Before the drywall goes up is the most affordable time to add wiring. Pull wires to all locations you may use - better to over do it now than under do it.
  • Pull N+1+ cat5e/cat6 wires to each location, N=the number you plan to use, pull at least one extra line.
  • Remember to add wiring for alarms, extra electrical sockets to support your security cameras, media center, data center ( that's where your switch, NVR, NAS will be ), as well as the front entrance, wifi access points and routers, voice control units like Echo Dot, speaker/audio wiring,..
  • Pull electrical and several cat5e/cat6 lines to your front gate area. ( 2 sets of underground conduit is best - one for electrical the other data/cat5e/cat6 )
  • Plan for the option to install video intercom / video doorbell by the front door and gate. ( example of such a product http://www1.dahuasecurity.com/pro...-7391.html ) Plan for future upgrades as this tech is changing quickly.
  • Have the electricians install METAL boxes - I have seen too many subcontractors and later tenants break plastic gang boxes.
  • Inspect the job site regularly - even daily, Inspect for straightness and squares, many subcontractors measure only once...
  • Consider hiring an independent inspector to help you.
  • "Wireless connections are for devices that run on batteries. Everything that can be wired should be. Save yourself and others from years of connectivity problems and run network cables to your office, bedrooms, media center, and locations where you want to install wifi access points. Unless you like slow speeds and intermittent connections." - from another forum
  • Think about other wiring needs for your new home, for example "smart home" wiring. Here's a video I enjoyed on this topic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXKZi6me-ew

Cat 5e / Cat 6 ethernet cable:
DO NOT buy CCA (Copper Clad Aluminum) wire - it is a fire hazard
  • Recommended that you buy buik cat5e/cat6 cable and not use the cable which comes in the kit, as if you need to return it you will have to also return the cables.
  • Recommended vendor for bulk Cat 5e / Cat 6 cable is monoprice, they often have sales during the weekend.
  • Either Cat 5e or Cat 6 cable will work with these cameras. Normally Cat6 cable is a bit thicker due to the plastic separator in the cable. Also Cat 6 cable often has wires slightly thicker than what you see in Cat 5e cables. While a thicker copper wire means less voltage loss over the run, it may not be significant for most of us. Note the spec for ethernet and PoE is 100M / 328 feet.
  • If you are pulling multiple wires through 1/2" EMT pipes or other tight spots it maybe better to use cat 5e.
  • If you are only buying one bulk box of cable you may want to get cat6 in case you would like to wire up other locations.
  • There are numerous types of Cat 5e / Cat 6 cable, you want to get Solid unshielded cable, either for in-wall installation or plenum rated cable ( better for multistory buildings and business type buildings ).
  • If you plan to have the cables exposed to direct UV get a UV rated cable, or place the cable in conduit. Otherwise the cable will degrade over time.
  • Also get RJ45 ends which are rated for solid wires, as well as a crimping tool.
  • Remember to cut the cable longer than you think you will need, and leave some extra length in case you need to adjust the location a bit.
  • Recommend pulling N+1 or more cables to each location, where N = number of cameras you plan to have. This way if you decide to add an additional PoE or ethernet device nearby you can in the future.
  • If your attic is too short to easily work in recommending using Grey PVC pipe 3/4"+ and pushing the sections to the locations you want to run the cat5e/cat6 cabling to.
  • Have a friend help you pull the cabling so you can reduce snags and knots which may cause breakages. Also remember not to pull the cable with too much force as it is more delicate than electrical cables that you may be used to pulling.
  • You can use the pull tools which electricians use to help with the wiring pulls.
  • Unshielded vs shielded cable - typically you can avoid using shielded cable, just try to keep the cable 1 foot or more from electrical lines, florescent lights, and electrical motors. If you must pass by something which produces EMF / electrical interference you can use a section of EMT pipe in that location to pass the cat5e/cat6 cable through.
  • Thieves have been known to cut telcom cables to houses as well as cat5e/cat6 to cameras - if you feel the need to protect your cables do consider putting them in conduit or run the lines inside the wall. ( Metal EMT works well in most cases, in humid environments you may want to consider less strong non-metal conduit. )
  • I like using the 568-B standard: http://www.incentre.net/wp-conten...le568b.gif If the link is not working please see the attached gif at the bottom of the wiki
  • Here's what looks like a good write up on crimping the ends: https://www.warehousecables.com/l...-cable.php
  • Good cabling termination reference at ipcamtalk https://ipcamtalk.com/threads/sug...ost-238375
  • Dielectric grease, useful to keep water out of your RJ45 connection. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhl3bLzgq9A

3D printed RJ45 Connector Caps: ( thanks NeAlvey )
Quote from NeAlvey
If you have access to a 3D printer, there is a file out there on Thingiverse. Just search for Lorex - cheaper than buying them from Lorex. I would still throw some tape around it to be thorough.
Data center / Data closet / Data "wall" - or where do I put all of these Cat5e/Cat6 lines and NVR?
You want a location which will be fairly cool, clean, and not high in humidity as well as able to be secured or have a secured cabinet installed to protect your NVR. The location also needs the temperature to be < 80 degrees F. Additional equipment you may want to locate here: Internet "Modem", Router, Switches, UPS, NAS, Networked PC/server, firewall, ...

In the notes there's some discussion of tools. Here's a quick review of what you may not already have:
Fancy tools for wiring
Drywall holes fixing

You should be able to use these cameras with Blue Iris software on a i5/i7 windows PC(*) , and I have heard of people using a hybrid BlueIris and NVR setup. If you are using Blue Iris and find CPU usage high, please be certain you are using the newest version of Blue Iris.
(* - please see below discussion about BI live viewing vs non-live viewing CPU requirements )

If you would like to compare the LNB8005/LNB8111B 4k ( 8MP ) lorex camera specs with the LKB343 4MP specs:
[ I was curious about their Min Illumination specs - both appear to have the same specs, 0.5lux w/o IR ]


Phone Apps
Dahua gDMSS Lite https://play.google.com/store/app...sphoneLite Remember to change the port to 35000 in the app.
Also works with TinyCam / TinyCam Pro

Also see the notes at ipcamtalk on browser viewing:

Additional Camera options, suggested:
If you would like to add 1-2 more cameras to this kit which have great night time performance please look closer at the following models:
( typically available from Chinese sellers - you can go to ipcamtalk to find recommended sellers )

From the Dahua Starlight series - international models, which have similar style cases - and thus also work with the PFA121 junction box:
IPC-HFW5231E-Z12 - 2MP starlight model with a 5.3-64mm 12x zoom lens
IPC-HFW5231E-Z5 - 2MP starlight model with a 7mm-35mm 5x zoom lens
IPC-HFW5231E-Z - 2MP starlight model with a 2.7-12mm motorized lens ( allows you to set the FOV as you need )
IPC-HFW4231E-S - 2MP starlight model with a 3.6mm lens ( 6mm optional - better "zoom" less FOV ) appears to be the same size case as those in this kit.

If you're OK with a camera or 2 being a different shape - requires a different junction box ( PFA137 ), many people like the starlight varifocal turret on ipcamtalk
IPC-HDW5231R-Z ( it will be about $170 from China )

I like this style for the front door area if your porch is small and you need a "prettier"/smaller camera. Note you can easily screw off the cover to paint it.
Dahua mini-dome wedge. Note because it is a dome you will need to keep it out of direct UV to extend the life of the dome, and note the dome may cause glare issues.
IPC-HDBW4231F-AS - 2MP IR Mini Dome Network camera

Please see lvjeff with regards to adding Dahua OEM cameras as the default user/password combination may no longer work with newer firmware:

PTZ cameras: I want a PoE PTZ camera:
Outdoor rated PTZ cameras are significantly more expensive and larger than indoor rated PTZ cameras due to the need to make them weather / water resistant. They also consume more power, and you will have to double check that your NVR / PoE switch / power injector provides enough power to function the motors.
If you are looking for a quality PTZ camera the following model is worth considering: Dahua starlight SD49225T-HNI / SD49225T-HN
Video example

FYI - Dahua line up of their "lite" 1 HDD NVR models, useful for comparison to the Lorex LNR6100 / LNR6108 NVR in Kit LNR6826K.
( so far the lowest price I can find on a 8 port POE NVR w/o a HDD direct from China is in the $150-180 price range, and thus I have had no success beating this price point of this kit by purchasing the parts directly from China. )
Note the "lite" series of NVR appear not to support IVS / IVA features which require greater processing power.

Expect these cameras to be similar to: dahua ipc-hfw4830e-s 4K camera with the following specs

Bit Rate
H.264: 24K ~ 10240Kbps
H.265: 14K ~ 9984Kbps

Frame Rate
Main Stream: 4K(1~15fps)/3M(1~25/30fps)
Sub Stream: D1(1~25/30fps)
Third Stream: 720P(1~25/30fps)


Streaming Capability
3 Streams

720P(1280×720)/D1(704×576/704×480) /VGA(640×480)/CIF(352×288/352×240)
Ref: http://www1.dahuasecurity.com/pro...-4331.html

I want these cameras with more "zoom" / magnification. ( narrower FOV, longer range )
Great news, it is fairly easy to change out the lens with a stronger one.
The 4K Lorex camera comes with a 4mm lens, it is possible to replace it.
Tools needed: Xacto knife. Jeweler size phillips-head screwdriver. Optional: Bonding / Glue
Lens can be ordered from ebay - search for "LNB8005 lens"
Further instructions here thanks to Rkilpa:

What HDD is installed in the NVR? ( From kit: LNR6826K )
Quote from ayyo
Seagate skyhawk 2tb. I just replaced mine with a 6tb skyhawk
What type of HDD should I get?
NVRs typically have space for 1-2 3.5" SATA HDDs. Surveillance rated drives are recommended, thus look for WD purple or Seagate Skyhawk drive. Note before those came out people would use WD Red and other 24/7 rated HDDs in their NVR systems. In general get the largest HDD you can afford.

How big of a HDD does the NVR support?:
Thanks Nickrapper:
Quote from nickraper
Btw, I was reading the instructions after purchasing and it does say that up to 12 TB is supported in this NVR.
Thanks James, he installed a 8TB HDD, and thanks Imsat for sharing that the WD Red or similar HDD can be shucked out of an Easystore and installed:
Quote from james04
Work like a charm! I think it was 7.4tb of available space.
Quote from imsat
..After shucking a WD Red 8 TB hdd from WD Easystore 8TB I installed it in Costco NVR. It works and have 7.4 TB space according to FlairCloud software.

How many days can it record? ( From kit: LNR6826K )
This will varies based on what you are recording, fps, resolution, and compression used. If the scene / view is not changing frequently you will have better compression.
With 8 cameras at 4K resolution at 15fps using H.265 people have reported to get 2+ days per 1TB, thus a 2TB HDD would store 4+ days, 6TB 12+ days, 8TB 16+ days, .. ( thus with the base 6 cameras and 2TB HDD you should see about 5 days of recording )

Compare with Q-See 8-Channel 4K HD IP NVR with 4TB HDD, 4 4K Cameras with 100' Night Vision Costco Item #1381613 current online price 1,299.99
The cameras appear also to be Dahua OEM based on the case. Note the NVR is a higher end product.
Note one of the negative reviews was because the 4K POE cameras were not WiFi...
comparing the lux info on both the 4K Qsee and 4K Lorex cameras has me wondering if they are measuring it differently as it does not make much sense that 2 competing vendors using the same OEM would have such a wide difference on their spec sheets. I am thinking the only way to be certain that the night time view is acceptable is to actually bench test the cameras at night.

Hitting cameras web pages with a laptop in an NVR with POE

"Motion Detection" / IVS tripwire and intrusion info:
The NVR in the 4K Lorex Costco kit for $800 appears not to have the more advanced / premium features of IVS tripwire and intrusion detection.
Dahua has announced in 2017 general availability of IVS features in their pro and ultra nvr models, if you have one of those models please check and see if a firmware upgrade will be useful. If you have a rebranded Dahua OEM please check with the appropriate company if there is a firmware update available which may help. Remember, both the camera and NVR would need to support IVS features to access them from the NVR. It is possible to directly access the cameras - so in cases where you have an NVR which does not support IVS you maybe able to directly access the camera for it. Note that IVS features require additional compute power, and thus using them may limit fps rate, encoding options ( H.264 vs H.264+ / H.265 ), as well as other competing compute functionality.

Motion Detection:
Compared to other solutions, there's quite a bit of nicer options with regards to tuning motion detection, as well as a very nice motion detection search feature.
A Lorex video:
From FLIR / Lorex online - "How to set up Motion Alerts for Lorex DVRs and NVRs"

Re: Motion Detection
Defaults to detecting the entire screen. You must go into the settings and select only the areas you want to detect motion in. [ thanks to flipmaster ]
How to set Motion Detection Recording on your DVR NVR

IVS references:
Remember both the camera and NVR must support this feature to be able use it on the NVR. ( please see above notes )
[ The Lorex NVR LNR6100 / LNR6108 - included in the 4K Lorex Kit appears to be a Dahua "lite" NVR model and unable to utilize IVS / IVA features ]
Note: "PLEASE NOTE: You cannot use IVS rules with H.264+ or H.265+ at this time."
ref: https://dahuawiki.com/IVS:IVS
Dahua reported to have made IVS tech standard now, and for their products have offered firmware upgrades, I am hoping their downstream vendors pass these options along to us.

There are some good videos worth taking a look at from the Dahua WIki Team, for example:
IVS tripwire
and IVS intrusion

Here's the dahua wiki page:
Dahua's IP Camera resource page

The section with IVS ( This would be the motion detection sort of functions we would be interested in )

Note - from what I have read so far: due to limits in the CPU power of the camera as well as logic not all IVS features are available in all camera models, and you may not be able to use all IVS functions at the same time.
Also "ivs will not work if you have smart codec enabled"

FLIR videos:
FLIR secure app tutorial
FLIR Lorex Inc Security DVR / NVR interface menu options
Set up email notifications on non Lorex server

Video choppy / Images blurry:
You should not worry about choppy video. What is more important is that individual frames capture the best image possible to potentially help ID suspects. A number of camera and environmental attributes affect this. Security cameras have a number of tunable parameters which allow adjustments to get better images. You may need to directly access the camera interface to adjust the parameters. Shutter speed / exposure time is one.
To see what is possible with a good quality camera and good light: https://ipcamtalk.com/threads/ter...ost-224116

Improving Night time / low light images:
There are a lot of adjustments you can do to the cameras via the NVR interface to get a better night time / low light view. Feel free to play around with them, and see what others have suggested in places like ipcamtalk.com ( I am still learning so I do not have any solid suggestions yet )
Camera placement - as mentioned above, try to avoid having objects in the view which reflect IR light back to the camera. ( Example: Walls, Soffits, Fascias, .. )
One option is always to get a separate IR illuminator and have it placed away from the camera. ( This also gives you the option to turn off your IR light from the camera ) A 850nm IR illuminator works best for maximum IR lighting and range. Note the IR leds will glow red to a human eye.

Switch Dahua Day/Night Profile via IPC HTTP API

Links to FLIR Cloud for iPhone Help:

FLIR Cloud™ subscription plans
Every Lorex or FLIR device comes with a free FLIR Cloud Basic plan. This plan will default to Channel 1 for DVR and NVRs.
( premium plan is $15/month or $150/1st year, $100 each year after that )

Do these cameras work with Blue Iris?
Thanks to Noblesin who has confirmed that these cameras work with Blue Iris.
Quote from noblesin
I can confirm the LNB8005 Cameras in this Kit support ONVIF / RTSP / Blue Iris by themselves if you want to use them as part of your own Solution...
Note, Blue Iris tutorials:

A few video samples from the LNR6100:
Quote from kokot
A few quick video samples from this system, including night vision:
Thanks Kokot

Painting the cases to better blend in with your home / building:
If you would like to paint the cases of the cameras:

Adding Hikvision / Hikvision OEM / LaView / ONVIF compatible cameras to a Dahua NVR:
"I have two Hikvision DC-2CD2032I cameras which I would like to use with this NVR. Has anyone been able to get a Hikvision camera working with this NVR? Can you share what you had to do to add the Hikvision cameras, please? - Thanks."
Quote from gemini1
..I was able to find how to hook up my two Hikvision cameras to this NVR. The link describing the process is here:

Thanks Gemini1!

Q: I need something that can survive harsh weather conditions.
A: Look for IP65/IP66/IP67 rated outdoor cameras, as well as check the spec sheets for temp ranges and humidity. Note also that a lot will depend on how well and protected the cameras and wiring connect will be. The best solution is to get a quality product, a matching junction box rated for weather protection ( example for Dahua / Lorex 4K bullet cameras is the Dahua PFA121 junction box - you can read more in the 4K Lorex deal ). Also use dielectric get in the female RJ45 socket for PoE connections, use the protective boots ( if included ) for PoE, and finish with wrapping up with silicone stretch plumbing leak stop tape. Put that bundle into a junction box which is sealed with silicone caulk between the wall and the junction box, If you are routing the cables outside the walls and not in a conduit, be certain to install "drip loops" and route the cable so that the water does not drip into the camera or junction box. You can follow similar procedures with coax cabling.

Q: I would like a good outdoor PTZ ( Pan Tilt Zoom ) camera.
A: Suggest the following model from Dahua's starlight line:
SD49225T-HN 2MP 25x Starlight IR PTZ Network Camera
[ note double check power needs, as not all PoE switches / NVRs can supply enough power for some PTZ models ]
If you're got some serious money, perhaps this one

Security and Privacy related:
Q: What about security and privacy of this camera?
A: Remember it's not just your video feed which is potentially compromised, but your cameras, NVR, PCs, and everything else connecting to your LAN / router. Hijackers and their virii / malware are constantly searching for systems to hijack and use for illegal activities.
Thus to reduce the threat remember to change the default passwords on the cameras and NVR. All security cameras, security camera systems, as well as IoT systems have significant security issues. The best way to keep it secure is to have it on an isolated network. If you do need to see the videos remotely then please setup a VPN instead of using port forwarding. A managed switch can be useful, as well as a firewall like pfsense or the firewall which came with your router can be used to further protect your network by isolating components.
Please see the following for VPN information

For those with a Netgear router: Dense persons guide to VPN on a Netgear Router

John Ricco provides excellent advice, thanks John:
Quote from John Ricco
Remember to never open ports on your router.
Reason: I had ports open to view an IP cam (hikvision) remotely---Someone hacked in and changed the cameras name to HACKED

If you want to view this remotely, setup a vpn server using openVPN

On an asus router, it takes five minutes. On other routers, you better know what you're doing. I tried it on a router running tomato and it was tough.
Also remember to: "Make sure you disable uPnP in the router,"

Raspberry Pi + OpenVPN: ( thanks iWeasel )
Quote from iWeasel410
Another option I would recommend is using a Raspberry Pi if you don't have a router supporting OpenVPN. This is helpful in cases where the ISP supplies an all-in-one router/wifi/modem box.

What you'll need to get this done is a RPi, I run a RPi3, case, power cable and 8gb microSD card. I'd recommend just getting a case kit that includes the power cable.

PiVPN (http://www.pivpn.io/) makes it super easy to set OpenVPN up on the RPi. If you're feeling extra spunky, you can also install PiHole (https://pi-hole.net/) on it.

I can't setup a wired security camera system, so what are my wire free options?
Wire Free = battery powered wifi data.
There is a lot of competition building up in wire free consumer security cameras and security camera systems.
So far none that I have seen meet all 3 of the minimal viable security camera product requirements.

If you have no other choice due to your landlord, or HOA, or other issues do take a close look at the ID distance as well as fully test what you pick up. Expect that products in this segment will quickly become obsolete, and that you will want to replace them far sooner than a wired system. Do calculate TCO ( total cost of ownership ) and include expendables ( example batteries ). If you own your own place and plan to keep it for several years, it is just a matter of time before wire free system quickly exceed the cost of a good wired system. Even with HOA you maybe able to find ways to reduce the resistance to your security cameras by painting them to match your walls / building.
Remember the most cost effective reliable system will be a wired one, so do re-evaluate your choice for wire free if you need a reliable system.

Why Lag to capture an image is problematic:
A post by gemniii42 responding to another SDer who had a wifi / wireless cloud service "security" camera:
Quote from tweener702: "I have X and I think it works just fine. Have found that once I am in the range of the camera my phone is dinged about 3-4 seconds later. From there takes about 6 seconds to get live view."
If going straight to live view on the app without any alerts I've found that can take 10-15 seconds before stream opens."

gemnili42 responds:
"Like I wrote -
4 seconds + 6 seconds = 10 seconds.
from http://www.echocredits.org/downlo...2Bwalk.pdf
An average person's walking speed per 10 minutes is

3280.84 ft per 10 minutes ( 3 280.84 feet per ten minutes ) which if I've done my math right equals about 5.5 feet per second. So someone walking by could travel 50 feet in the 10 seconds. I guess that response is ok for some people, but seems slow to me."

Arlo / Arlo Pro - why they make poor security cameras: ( a lot of this also applies to the Ring cameras )
There are a number of reasons, which apply to many consumer wire free products.
The Arlo / Arlo Pro system fail in 2 of the 3 minimal viable product categories for security cameras, and in the 3rd one does a poor job ( ID distance very short, night image poor ).
1) Poor resolution and wide FOV make for short ID distances
2) Poor reliability, cameras will disconnect from base station, base station needs periodic reboots, cloud service auth failures
3) Lag with cloud service
4) Issues with reliability of motion detection
5) Issues to lag before recording
6) Poor night vision
7) No embedded time stamp - thus videos are poor for evidence. ( Arlo, Ring, and Nest fail here )
8) Difficult to manage multiple clips for downloading from the cloud service.
9) Lag to access live view
10) Cameras do not have local storage - thus when disconnected to the base station they are unable to record events.

Note: Arlo base station has USB ports which were intended for future options, however reportedly Netgear did not enable local attached storage until the Arlo Pro base station came out. Arlo Pro 2 improves on the Arlo / Arlo Pro with 1080p resolution, which helps. However the system still suffers from numerous faults similar to it's prior versions, and only when the cameras are wired do you see significant functional improvements. At which point you may want to just install a PoE system.

From: John Moriarty commenting on the wirecutter article which claimed the Arlo system was a good option:
"Installed the Arlo Pro over the weekend off the back of this reivew, and am sending it back tomorrow. Really disappointed. Main gripes:.."
for the details please see http://thewirecutter.com/reviews/...ty-camera/
Here are the 2 sample video clips he posted

Complaints about Arlo Pro lag issues also in the netgear arlo community, sample:

Some like to challenge the issues of Cloud Service failures - disbelieving individual reports, so here are some references of system wide failures:

Example of an Arlo system outage due to cloud service failure 8/4/2018

Quote from ucoocho
Just something to consider when using this. I juat had my Arlo security footage thrown out of court because the other sides lawyer said it didn't have an embedded time stamp and there was no way to know the actual time. There is literally no option to include a time stamp in the video and they only have the epoch time as the file name. This was for a landlord-tenant dispute where the tenants guest destroyed my property.
Hows does this compare to cloud cameras which do continuous recording?
Please see the Arlo review - most cloud dependent cameras will have the same issues.

For cloud dependent cameras doing continuous recording, they will consume a considerable amount of bandwidth - so if you have a data cap this will be a serious issue.

For example, the Nest - a rather expensive upfront cost with monthly fees, at high quality video image ( still compressed more than on-premise solutions ): 300-400GB per month of bandwidth will be used for the upsteam. Reducing the quality simply reduces the quality of your investment and the ability of you to use the video capture for ID purposes. This is another reason why getting many Nest or other cloud based cameras will be a poor solution. ( Nest IQ = 400BG /month, Nest = 300GB /month at high quality )

How about foscam?:
In general foscam is not held in high regard by many ipcamtalk members, as well as some SD'ers

How does this deal compare to a super cheap system?:
Security camera systems, especially internet connected and remotely accessed are far more complex systems than we typically imagine. They have numerous tuning parameters and options, and often even the better brands have customer service quality and quantity issues which create complications for those of us new to their products. Forcing us to turn to youtube and other videos as well as online forums to help navigate setup and configuration as well as attempting to secure these systems.
Thus, if better funded and organized companies are failing to provide full customer service and software functionality that we want, you can expect less known and funded companies selling cheap systems to be face even greater challenges to provide quality service. Naturally there are small quality companies which pride themselves on service, however their products will not be super cheap unless you manage to get a clearance deal.

How does this deal compare to a zmodo / annke / sannce / funlux "POE" system?:
All of those brands seem to like to deceive customers into thinking they are selling an affordable PoE security camera system, when in fact the system is NOT PoE and does not meet any PoE standards and is not compatible with IP cameras. Those are proprietary systems which once you read more about you will find they are back pedaling and then calling them "sPOE" - what they call simplified POE. They are clearly being fraudulent, thus I recommend avoiding them and getting something which meets PoE standards and allows you to plug in ONVIF spec cameras to the system. Also note that some zmodo / funlux products use what looks to be a "micro USB" port for their "sPoE" products.
Examples of fraudulent misrepresentation and/or deceptive practices:
  • Claiming NVR and cameras are POE, when it is not - look for terms like sPoE and simplified PoE.
  • Claiming system is 1080p, when the NVR is capable of displaying to a 1080p monitor/TV but only able to handle 720p cameras.
  • Claiming system is 1080p, upon closer look you notice "1080p lite" - which does not meet 1080p standards. Typically look for less fps. ( frames per second )
  • Inferring that the system is 1080p by using the term 1080N, noting that 1080N = 960×1080=1036800 pixels vs. 720p = 1280x720 = 921600 vs 1080p = 1920x1080 = 2073600
  • Claiming cameras are IP cameras, but you will notice that the cameras only work with their branded "NVR", and may in fact be analog cameras for all we know.
  • Claiming system is digital, using banking level security, and secure vs an analog system which is not secure. Absolute BS, from companies which will not hire enough talented software engineers.
  • Astroturfing - zmodo / funlux / Annke practices astroturfing in forums like SlickDeals - posting positive comments and thumbs up.
Ref: https://ipcamtalk.com/threads/ann...ety.10746/
Ref: http://cctvcamerafactory.com/blog...-for-dvrs/

Also note zmodo / funlux are well known for gaming their reviews.. bribing reviewers to encourage favorable reviews, and thus a major reason why you simply can not trust the reviews of their products. Essentially they are buying positive reviews.
Quote from volscot
... I have their ( zmodo ) .. doorbell and they sent me one of these 720p mini cameras for free for posting a review of that system (no specific rating required). I was looking to potentially add additional camera(s), and found the Walmart price yesterday. Decided to pull the trigger today, but the deal is dead again.
Quote from ddelong777
Yes, they did give out free cameras for reviews. I typically dont review stuff and wouldnt have reviewed them if I didnt like what I saw.

sPoE, simplified PoE - certainly these vendors would not lie to me to make more sales, so it must be some version of PoE.
Welcome to the con job, anything to separate your money from you by showing you a crazy low price for what may appear to be something better.
The fact is that those using these terms are being deceptive and fraudulent. Since 1999 there have been standards for PoE, and prior to that standards for Ethehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcXNhy4IFFMrnet over twisted pairs. While it is possible to have legacy ( pre-standard ) PoE implementations, any new products produced which claim to be PoE should meet at least one PoE spec, as well as ethernet specs. When this is not the case, and yet those terms are used - then clearly there is fraudulent and deceptive practices going on.
Ethernet over twisted pair - specifies 2 pairs for transmission of data ( 10BaseT, 100BaseT,.. ) - vs - zmodo's "sPoE" which uses only 1 pair for this ( using 1 pair for power ).
Zmodo includes cables in their kits with only 4 wires ( 2 pairs ) vs cat5/cat5e/cat6 which have 8 wires ( 4 twisted pairs ). The only similarity that zmodo retains is the RJ45 jack - and using an RJ45 jack does not make it ethernet, nor PoE compliant. In fact you can implement the zmodo cable with just plain old telephone cables - yes that is correct, you can use 4 wire phone cable, that is 2 pairs. This is what zmodo does in effect.
Here is a video which clearly shows the cameras using only 4 wires - 2 for power, 2 for signal - thus it does not meet ethernet specs for twisted pair, also note color coding does not meet the spec either.

Zmodo / Funlux also have been forcing firmware updates to convert non-cloud dependent products into cloud products
Quote from Rand4
friends dont let friends buy zmodo

fyi previous owner of zmodo gear they bricked with update.

also had the nvr/cameras they made cloud only no local access have to view though china.
more: https://slickdeals.net/forums/showpost.php?p=119760691&postcount=41

Hows does this deal compare Night Owl? and other Analog / BNC cabled systems?:
If you are installing new wiring, skip the analog / BNC - coax based systems and go for a good IP PoE system.
If you already have coax wires installed for an analog system do consider getting a better analog system.

Analog systems are often easy identify once you look closer at the specs and notice a DVR and BNC / Coax cable listed in the parts included.
There are 4 competing standards for HD over coax: EX-SDI, HDCVI, HDTVI, AHD ( * see comparison below )
If you are pulling NEW cables, the industry trend is to use Cat5e/Cat6/Cat6a cable. While you can buy baluns to convert a BNC camera to run over cat5e/cat6, that will be an extra cost.
If you already have good BNC cabling installed you should consider a better BNC system. While the low cost of analog systems will be tempting, you must remember that a significant part of setting up the system will be the wiring work you do, which can range from an easy DIY job - to a significant one. In 3, 4, or 5 years you may want to replace your system and with the current trend there will be more options for IP PoE based systems thus it is often wiser to invest in better cat5e/cat6 wiring now.
IP standards, and PoE standards are good if you like to have a system which interoperates better with your other networking gear, thus many in the industry are moving towards POE based NVR systems.
Remember a big part of setting up a wired system is the wiring, so imho it is better to go with a cat5e/cat6 wiring solution for new installs, and wire it up so that you can replace the NVR and Cameras in the future.
For me a big part was the time I would need to invest to learn more about this space, so it was easier for me to avoid figuring out which Analog standard to go for and just go the IP PoE route to reduce the complexity of decision making as well as utilize what I already knew about IP networking.

Nice reference ( EX-SDI, HD-CVI, HD-TVI, AHD )
Youtube comment from ClintonElectronics to +IPVM:
"All cameras have the same Sony IMX 322 Sensor and the same 2.8~12mm (ƒ1.4) lens. The differences shown are a result of different transmission technologies and the way each camera's DSP processes the image."

Coax and BNC vs Cat5e/Cat6/cat6a and RJ45
As IP / IoT is becoming increasingly dominant it is imho a better investment to choose the associated ethernet cat5e/cat6 cabling infrastructure and tools for DIY.
The trend clearly is going in the favor of Cat6/Cat6a infrastructure for data com cabling.
Remember wiring a building for security cameras can be an easy DIY job to a pita job. The more time and work you have to invest in wiring up your home / building the more you should invest in wiring which will better support future options. Remember you can purchase Baluns to utilize cat6/cat5e cables for BNC / coax camera systems.
If you already have a good coax wiring setup for security cameras, you should imho look at upgrading to a better coax based security camera system. If you have coax wiring and are looking at wiring new locations, you should consider NVRs which support both PoE and coax wiring and wire the new locations with Cat6/Cat5a.
Recommend using bulk cable so that you can return any kit you purchase while under the warranty period. Using bulk cable will also make it easier to pull the cable lines and allow you to drill smaller holes. The amount of time installing either cable should not be significantly different for small scale projects.
When using bulk cable you will need to purchase the tools to allow you to crimp connectors to the ends as well as termination at jacks / patch cables.

N previously installed Coax lines for security cameras, but would like N+ cameras.
"..Dahua's Tribrid and Pentabrid DVR's that allow you to run any mix of analog and IP cameras side by side and upgrade as you can." - Bigredfish
This is a great idea for people who already have good quality installed coax lines for security cameras in your home / house / building.
Hikvision should also make similar DVR/NVR units, so you can look and see what they may have.

How does this compare to Reolink...
Numerous members of ipcamtalk have a very negative opinion of this brand due to poor compatibility of their cameras and nvrs to standards ( example iframe issues causing trouble with Blue Iris ), as well as deceptive and spamming practices which their employees have done on that forum, and a number of planted reviews on Amazon by Reolink. Dahua OEM and Hikvision OEM equipment is clearly preferred by numerous members over Reolink.

Why is it my new browser can not see live videos from my X brand NVR / security camera? Sanelemming explains this well, thanks Sane!
Quote from SaneLemming
So the issue you're having is likely that the major companies that I'm aware of (dahua, hikvision, and their partners) use (or used to use) NPAPI in their web apps to support video preview. All the major browsers dropped support for that a while back in the interest of more secure methods. Security companies, being as slow moving as ever, still haven't adopted the new plugins yet. Dahua/amcrest have a workaround for chrome where it launches a new window (separate browser) you can use, or you can still use Internet Explorer (not edge, that dropped support as well) to set up your cameras/NVR/DVR.

It's not a problem in the hardware, and it's likely not a bug in the software...it's more of a issue with the way things work. The way I see it, you don't want a company in security services jumping around to the latest thing because you want your security to be based on solid, tested hardware/software. That does cause an issue in getting off abandoned tech though. Heck, CVBS (composite video) is still so prevalent in much of the industry because of this mentality...though it doesn't help that a lot of businesses are having a hard enough time keeping their doors open, never mind totally replacing their security solution.
For those with LaView systems:
Quote from madforrit
Yes, you are right. [ sanelemming ] I kept at it this afternoon and got things to work by installing the latest OS X plug-in from Hikvision's European website (3.0.6), as opposed to the 3.0.5 that Laview has on their site. I can now view the feed in Safari. Woot!

So if you are having any liveview issues on Safari/OSX, get the latest plugin from Hikvision's website:

Why WiFi is poor for security cameras:
WiFi is great for battery operated devices, for all devices which are wired power you should consider wired internet / ethernet cable as that will give you the most reliable results.
Quote from SaneLemming
Here's the thing...you can't use wifi for actual security. Why? Things like this:

Wifi Jammer [youtube.com]

For $5 from china and the time it takes to watch a youtube video you too could disconnect someone's wifi based security cameras and just take/disable them. We're not even delving into the professional/sophisticated thief territory...this is just a device all over youtube.

Look...there are two kinds of security. Actual security and a false sense of security. The first isn't going to be easy/convenient, and the second will always be superficial. I know the first response is always "well it works for me!" To this I say, something working in the absence of threat is not something working. I've known plenty of people that don't lock the door to their house or keep windows unlatched and use that tired old line. It only works until the first time it's actually tested...then you realized just how false it was...
Additional references for those you want to learn more:

12 of the top IPVM resources, available for free: ( some were not available, and some a bit dated, still found some good info here )

Random security camera video captures from various unknown cameras intended to help you setup your cameras better:
Be certain to mount at least a couple of cameras low enough so you can get a good ID image ( 8 feet or lower ). Here is a good example of how a decent ID image is enabling the law on their search for suspects to a home invasion robbery.
Example of a package theft, plan your camera setup to get enough details
Example of another package theft, jump to 1:10 - remember not to mount your cameras too high
2nd camera of the suspect from above, do you think you can ID from this video? Remember to get enough pixels on the target for a possible ID
Bike theft, do you think there are enough pixels on target to ID the suspect?
Rim Thieves do you think you can ID these suspects?
Not enough pixels on group of home invaders
Security cameras are only one part of the solution, need a good alarm system, and...
Camera mounted too high making IDing more difficult:
Once again front door area camera too high:
Remember to cover the street so you can hopefully get a good car image
Another front door camera mounted too high:
More pixels are good
Can you ID this one?
More angles and better images are useful
Sometimes you just need a better camera and a better face shot
You may want additional cameras to cover more than just the front door
Multiple cameras with good resolution so you can ID suspects would be good
Video Quality matters:
Took police 90 minutes to arrive. Good video image of intruders face. Multiple cameras would be nice.
Good images count
Do you think you could ID one of these people if you were asked to?
16 cameras, yet not a good facial ID image, takes police 14min to arrive to a home invader
Dog nappers
Make certain you have enough coverage and illumination
Remember to mount your cameras low enough to get a good angle for a facial image
Multiple cameras useful - see 0:56 of the one after this
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yhdp9Sd_UYc ( see 0:56 you want multiple views )
Notice no date and time stamps in video, periods of no recording ( non-247 ), unable to read license plate, poor angle for a good facial ID image.
Mercedes riding package thief caught thanks to videos
Better resolution and time stamps are good
Arlo camera placed too high to get a good ID image
Notice walk-by, drive-by, then entry. You want to be able to ID suspects and their vehicles on the street.
Nice resolution, cameras mounted too high for good ID images
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Omy44IPS-8Y ( part 1 )
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OvucbFWysSY ( part 2 )
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yb2zRP-cdfI ( part 3, got a nice clear license plate thanks to good res )
Nest cam capture: good angle, need better res and time stamps.
Remember to try to get a good image of the street to help ID the car better, burglar looks at ring doorbell cam and barking dogs fail to stop her. Paper plates on car.
Dropcam / Nest no time stamp poor resolution / pixels on sidewalk harder to ID suspect. Multiple cameras are good.
Ring doorbell hacked: Hacker talks to owner
Remember to mount your cameras so that they can not easily be knocked down.
Better resolution is good.
Remember to catch good images on the street
Thieving is a thirsty job - Example of some good facial images captured with timestamps
Better resolution is needed for a good facial ID image
Multiple cameras are good
Higher resolution helps
NIght time and low light requires better cameras for a good image
Why frame rates matter:
Always good when a thief looks up for a good view
Ring Doorbell fails to put enough pixels on target, result a poor facial image for IDing
Need more pixels.. remember to lock your car doors
Burglar bring his own luggage which needs filling
Remember cover the street and it is ok to get additional cameras for better coverage
Front door camera too high to get an good ID facial image
Burglar cuts himself with broken window glass, good camera angle.
Camera quality matters
Good example of car drive by, pedestrian walk by, and inspection before breaking in
Package thief not deterred by cameras
Clear video of car used by thief, however not a good video of individual
Previous thief - same home
Remember to lock your doors
Remember to place at least 1-2 cameras to get a straight on face image
Hoodies, remember cameras are only one part.. remember the alarms
Need to protect your business? Burglars break through roof to access business..
Burglars take 8 cars off the dealers lot, damaging other cars in the process
Camera mounted too high to IDhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcXNhy4IFFM
Too low resolution for a good ID image
Too low resolution for a good ID image, good angle though, nice multiple cameras, need a camera watching the street.
Nest shares a horrible angle for ID purposes, and notice no date / time stamp.
Do you think you could ID these suspects?
Need a better night time image to ID these suspects
Home invaders in South Africa
Perhaps a good camera by your TV will catch a few burlgars
Look at the facial images 3:22
The Car, The Knock, the break in.. dropcam no time stamps, cameras too far away for a good facial image
cops arrive in time!
Canary capture with no time stamps. Alarm goes off doesn't stop the burglars. Remember to re-enforce your doors
Burglars in a porche destroy a camera with a crowbar
Professional Burglars hit a house
A ghost in the carport, checking your doors
Sometimes you may need more than one camera covering your parking area.
Remember to add alarms to your home also, burglar hits home while people are asleep
Cameras 1 and 2 captures thief stealing from a car - remember to lock your car doors
Thieves steal battery from car parked on driveway at night
Calgary Canada thief on a bicycle stealing from cars in driveways
Day time battery thief car parked on street
Day time scrap thief, can your cameras get enough pixels on the street to ID?
Outdoor rated PTZ camera operator follows thief checking car doors
Same thief, fixed view camera
Armed home invader disarmed by target
Package thief, great angle. however at 720p and wide FOV is not resulting in a good ID image see at 0:09 we should have a great shot but do not
Doorbell camera not able to get a good image - great shot of an elbow though
Poor resolution and mounted too high to get a good ID with this camera
Add one more camera, lower covering the front door area to get a good facial ID shot.
Add another camera low and covering the front door area to get a good facial ID shot.
Needs a better resolution camera in this location to get enough pixels on target.
Hat protects package thief mount another camera lower to get a better image.
Sometimes you are lucky and a thief looks up at your cameras
Great angle, Date stamp off, screen reduces image quality
Poor resolution camera
Remember to cover the street to help ID cars used by thieves
Better resolutions cameras are good as well as more cameras covering critical areas
If only the 2nd camera had better resolution
Murder / serial killer investigation suspect, can you help ID?
How about this person of interest
Having cameras behind a screen reduces their effectiveness.
What you gonna do about hoodies...
Poor quality image from doorbell cam of porch pirate ( product vivint )
Poor resolution and night vision of Arlo Pro
If so many thieves want to steal from your car, perhaps you should get a better camera than an Arlo Pro
Ring Doorbell Pro shows poor placement and issues with image quality on edges of view. Tattoo and tank top gives away burglar.
Use multiple cameras to increase chances of a good facial ID image
Better quality images help
Yl camera footage of car break-ins
Good night time image, time stamps, spider web impaired - car break in 07-25-2017
Same car broken into 08-15-2017
Same car broken into 08-16-2017
Same car broken into again 10-09-2017
And again! 10-11-2017
Poor resolution, poor night time image, cameras mounted too high, attackers protected by hoodies in the LBC
Kuna camera capture, note this model has very poor image quality
A better quality kuna model
Cameras mounted too high. Good to have multiple cameras, including covering the street.
Old video from 2013, however principles of better resolution counts
Better resolution, multiple cameras, and mounted lower is helpful.
It's time to update your older poor resolution cameras ( this is from videos in 2016 )
Cameras too high
Low res
Excellent resolution, now you can see a real quality difference
Sometimes your holiday decorations are targeted ( 3AM )
at 11AM
at 1AM
During the day, camera too high, no time stamps
Need better resolutions for the cameras
Need more cameras,
Screens reduce image quality, and can reflect IR back to the camera
Do you have enough camera coverage to the street
Need another camera mounted lower to get a good facial ID shot
Mailbox by street theft, do you have enough pixels covering your mailbox? A separate camera is required to read license plates due to tuning needs to capture a good image.
Crazy truck driving and damages home. Neighbors camera catches it.
Remember alarms, thieves work from 4AM-5:14AM to steal a trailer
Cameras with too low resolution
Better resolution or zoom needed out to sidewalk needed:
Quality camera watching front door and driveway catches hit and run in the street. If you park in the street get a camera w/a better "zoom". Notice also how the tail lights washout some of the image.
Ring doorbell captures Halloween decor thief. Poor res, no time stamp. Better augment with a better security camera at a good angle.
Halloween candy thieves, camera placed too high, and porch light glare reduces image quality.
Halloween candy thief. Nice quality image, camera placed too high. Perhaps add a 2nd camera lower.
Halloween candy thieves. Great color image. Camera too wide FOV and low res to get enough pixels on target. Move camera closer, or get another one. Image of moving people fuzzy. Need faster shutter speed.
Package thief caught, one house he hit had him on 3 separate cameras.
Cloud storage is useful when they steal your camera. Dropcam/Nest with no time stamp and poor res.
Extremely poor quality video, had great potential due to placement for good facial ID images.
Police car hits parked car at night and police refused to pay damaged until news reporter contacted them. Video evidence is critical.
Burglars overturn furniture and look in odd places. No time stamps - thanks Canary.
Remember an alarm system helps
Alro cameras with too low a resolution to get ID images
Even with top quality low light cameras it can be a challenge to get a good ID image during the night.
Sometimes things just go wrong in the daytime, and it's good to have it on camera,
notice how 2 views really help show clearly what happened.
Watch 4MP camera at night capture a thief down the street.
Need more than just a low resolution video doorbell to get good ID images
Sweet little blonde girl riding her bicycle - decides to vandalize your home!
Surveillance Cameras covering front door capture carjacking in street ( street coverage w/another cam is a good idea )
You need multiple cameras, portable cameras are easy to steal.
Example of cameras placed too high, and not enough pixels on target. New car keys make it easy for thieves with high tech tools.
Another keyless car theft using a signal booster, cameras mounted too high
Porch pirates, camera mounted to high, other too low res and too wide FOV to get enough pixels on target
Good angle, yet low resolution. Note how thief turns back to the camera. Multiple cameras and views are useful
Thanksgiving dinner stolen off the porch. Don't just trust a low res doorbell video cam to get the ID shot. Multiple quality cameras are good.
A very nice security camera setup captures a porch package thief
Nest camera mounted too high, no time stamps, porch thieves with nicer car than victim
Package thief meets home owner. Multiple cameras are good.
Nice time stamps on video, multiple cameras are good, girls can thieve also. 3MP cameras here, one camera user config caused dropped frames.
Ring doorbell cam captures package thief but image is low quality, do not just count on a doorbell video cam
Indoor nest camera's wide FOV fails to have enough pixels on target for a positive ID
Very nice video capture of porch package thief with 3 cameras. Just one more face level at the front door would have been great.
Looks like a great placement for the camera, however seems like a lower resolution camera thus harder to ID.
Ring Video Doorbell has too short of an ID range to get a good ID image of suspect. Need an additional camera.
Remember to get a good camera to cover the street so that you can get a better chance to ID cars used by suspects.
Thief steals chair. Need more than a doorbell camera to get a better image and time stamps
Multiple cameras are useful as it give you a better chance of good ID images. Also remember to tune your camera settings if you can, notice the black light is strong and suspect is shaded.
Security drives by as porch thief walks away. Use multiple cameras to catch as much details and actions as possible.
Ring video doorbell fails to get a good image
Mother, toddler, and friend in uhaul thieving packages. Need more than just a wide FOV doorbell cam.
Burglars in the house! Camera too far away, too wide FOV. Need multiple cameras.
Burglar, cameras mounted too high. Baseball cap blocks view.
Burglars on canary camera, too short ID distance, too wide FOV for good ID images
Burglars wearing gloves, faces not covered up, no time stamps on video, wide FOV makes facial ID difficult.
part 2
Multiple cameras allow multiple chances to get a good id image
Camera catches neighbor being burglarized
Nest cams mounted too far from suspect. No time stamps, wide FOV.
Break in, good to have indoor cameras covering entrances.
Kuna captures Burglars armed with AR15, too bad res poor.
Burglars often like hoodies, mount cameras low enough and close enough to get a chance at a good ID image
Poor quality camera capture a burglar at the front door
Poor resolution and wide FOV cameras, mounted too high, fail to get good images of thieves ( nest, ring )
Better quality camera, mounted too high. Multiple cameras are useful for more chances to get a good ID image.
Burglar parking in driveway! What a great chance to get a good image.
Hard to ID suspect due to light and hooded jacket.
Nest camera too far from burglars to get a good id image - until burglar steals the camera.
Nest camera catches burglary of apartment, more cameras would be useful
Day time burglaries, various samples of crew caught on different cameras
Home invasion robbery, close up of suspects clothing
Nice how the mirror shows you the action of the burglar.
Good police response time results in successful arrest.
Canary cam catches burglars but due to FOV and short ID distance fails to get good ID image. Dog follows burglars around.
Better resolution cameras would help when suspects get close enough for a good ID image.
It's great when a thief notices the camera and comes in for a better look
part 2
Mail and package thief
Better resolution cameras are good indoors
Burglars use victim's driveway to park car during the day.
Porch pirate's van parking in victim's driveway during the day.
Package thief, camera mounted too high for a good angle. Consider multiple cameras, could even put one in the window for daytime use.
Ring Video Doorbell, do you think you could ID this vandal?
Dancing bike thief remember to put a camera or 2 in your garage. Camera mounted too high.
Burglar pretends to read news paper as he walks to and blocks doorbell camera
Poor resolution and bright sunny day result in poor dark shadowy image
Enhance this! Great example of good quality video capture needing more pixels on target to ID suspects.
Example of a break in. Cheap cameras really are not good options.
2 package thieves cameras mounted too high, and not enough pixels on target
Tainting bottled water with plant food. More cameras covering the front porch would be good.
Remember to also get a good security alarm system.
Armed home invaders pose as cops, more cameras and multiple views are good
Ring captures burglars drilling through high rise apartment door.
Armed home invaders cut cables from what they think is a DVR/NVR by the TV. 1:38
Home burglary, suspects use shirts to handle shades - plan to use multiple cameras
Female burglar in daisy dukes and gloves. Thieves like media centers, put a good camera there not a bad one.
Larry, Curly, and Moe seems to be missing a friend...
Package thief uses a branch to pull packages from behind a locked gate.
Nestcam shows no time stamp, poor quality video of 3 men breaking into apartment mailboxes.
Master USPS key used to steal mail from apartments
Burglar knocks, breaks in, steals, .. and seeing the Nest Cam and steals that too.
Nestcam catches vandal of home under renovation, no time stamps can you ID?
3 cheeky thieves stole whole safe in Westminster burglary
2 quality cameras, mounted too high
Burglar caught on CCTV in Romford, Essex
Thankfully the thief came back and gave us a good facial image.. otherwise would not have known who it was.
Camera mounted to high, mail thief had back to camera - use multiple cameras
Sometimes it's a little elf who has wondered off with your Amazon delivery
Sometimes you will be surprised at who the burglar is.
Surveillance Camera Captures Tulsa Thief Twice
Carjacker forces woman in trunk, stares into camera ( at drive thru ATM )
Suspect & Vehicle Wanted for 11/13/17 Homicide of Leon Smith in 1400 block of Salisbury ( res matters )
WiFi cameras capture burglars, burglar spots camera and disables it.
Multiple cameras are useful, remember to get enough pixels on the street to help ID cars used by thieves.
Upgrade to 1080p or better cameras, and skip the super cheap cameras
Amazon delivery and pickup ( theft )
Example of someone checking for unlocked cars to burglarize:
Example of why you want enough pixels covering the street
Can you ID her? Multiple cameras and better resolution / quality is good to have.
Great example of a 2 cam package theft capture, one thief sprains ankle ( nest, ring )
Package thief attempts also to enter garage. Multiple cameras are good.
Ring Video Doorbell stolen
Remember multiple cameras should cover your front door
Young thief on a stolen bicycle looking for unlocked cars
Remember to also place cameras so you have a chance for good ID images.
Multiple cameras capture car thief at night in color
Attacked on camera, yet not enough details for a good ID
Speedy thief on bike looking for valuables in parked cars at night. ( Dahua OEM starlight image capture )
Surveillance camera captures home invasion suspects, remember to get better quality cameras.
Remember, better quality cameras are good, as well as placing them in a way to get a good facial ID shot
Better quality cameras are good, both inside and outside.
Surveillance camera catches man throwing paver at car windshield ( walking vandal )
Home surveillance camera catches thief stealing gun from truck ( Thief on bicycle at night )
Watch man steal gun out unlocked vehicle: NOPD
Car Burglary at night, cameras mounted too high, unable to successfully image capture moving suspects.
Too young, driving too fast, thankfully no one was killed. ( thanks to somefo0 for posting this! )
Remember to mount cameras low enough to get a chance for a good ID image
Home invaders look like shadows. Remember better quality cameras are the way to go, pick those with WDR.
Apartment home invaders - be certain you can get enough pixels on those entering through your front door.
Home invasion, girl knocks on door in first video - then second video shows men leaving the home
Blurry video of home invaders, remember to check your cameras can get good images of people moving
Burglars will use masks. Remember to setup cameras outdoors in an attempt to catch them before they put masks on
Home invaders, remember they will try to cover their faces and look away from cameras. Counter with multiple cameras
Burglar smashes back door, remember to mount your cameras low enough for a better ID image.
Home invader, attempted rapist, good facial image.
Camera mounted too high for a good ID image
This should give you a smile... burglar in Vietnam attempting to break open a heavy gate with a pry bar..
Murder in the parking lot. Remember to test that your cameras can capture moving suspects well enough.
Need more cameras. Murder suspects and vehicle need to be identified.
Better quality cameras which are placed lower would be useful to ID these two murderers.
Day time home invader in a hoodie, gloves, talking on cell phone. Camera mounted too high.
Sexual assault home invader
Daytime image of thief on bike, however not enough pixels to get a good ID image.
Package thief, camera mounted too high.
Night low light image capture in color, however camera is mounted too high. Also remember to securely mount your cameras.
Burglars caught on multiple cameras in home. Remember more and better cameras = more chances of a good ID image.
Armed robbery in Brazilian internet cafe.
3 men during the day attempt to break in, armed. Remember to alarm your gate and have multiple cameras, as well as considering or other options.
I like to also have a camera at face level by the front door.
More pixels covering the street would help ID vehicle used by burglars
When suspects where hoodies, you want cameras mounted lower.
Doorbell camera fails to get good images. Remember to buy quality cameras.
Contractor returns 1 month later to burglarize home, thankfully new home owner changed the locks.
Multiple cameras are good, remember to get quality ones which include an embedded time stamp
And in the UK, can you ID any of these people in this gang? Seriously get quality cameras
More gangs in the UK.
meanwhile at night in India... equal opportunity thieving
Sorority girl steals Frat boys t-shirts at UCLA, caught on multiple cameras
Canary captures burglar in york, notice how close the burglar needs to be to the camera for a good facial ID image.
Multiple cameras are good, can you ID the suspects running on the sidewalk?
Burglars caught on cloud camera breaking in, they pick up the camera as it continues to record.
bad cameras mounted too high
Nest video capture fails to have an embedded time stamp, car door checker and thief. No good ID image due to wide FOV and poor pixels on target.
Excellent image capture of burglars in South Pasadena. Wonder if this is a hand held camera, as I do not see any time stamp.
Burglar in hoodie looks right at camera
Burglars in the UK use hoodies to cover faces, video captured by nest
Try to have more than one camera covering your front door
A ring doorbell is not enough, get a good quality camera at face level by the front door.
4 cameras appear to fail to catch any good facial ID images, thanks to being mounted too high and burglars w/hoodies.
Organized gang burglary done in 3 minutes, target gun store. Use cameras mounted at face level and zoom into doorway.
2 bicycle thieves, break through a locked gate ..
2 robbers of a MetroPCS store - for better facial id images, also mount cameras at face level
Yet another MetroPCS store robbery.
Do you think you can ID this burglar in this 720p video capture?
Homicide police asking for help to ID suspects.
Theft at roadside stand
Thieves even want to break into police car
Camera mounted too high and too far away to get a good image from burglary of car
Dump construction trash and run! Did you get a chance to ID the driver?
rims stolen and recovered on the same day
Test the cameras to be certain they can capture enough details of suspects during the day and night.
Don't count on a quick response from the Police with a dispatcher like this one
Camera mounted too high by front door.
Day time smash and grab on a parked car in driveway. Recommend 2 cameras covering your parked cars.
Notice hooded thieves at night walking down the street checking car doors. Remember to have enough cameras placed properly.
Can you ID this burglar?
Bicycle thieves across the street, too few pixels
How about this car thief / door checker at night?
Perhaps water droplets on camera's dome / lens makes it harder to see what is going on. Camera also mounted too high.
DO NOT leave your car open on Christmas day!
Can you ID these vehicle burglars?
Masks and hoodies, home invasion attempted by burglars caught on camera
4th of July brings out the fireworks, hopefully not in your mailbox. Remember better cameras, better placement helps.
Part 2
Good to have better angles to get good facial ID images. Remember to cover the approaches.
Thankfully the thief looked into the camera. Notice how he attempts to kick in the door.
Car thieving, it's a lot more work than you imagined!
Group of burglars hit a restaurant wearing hoodies.
Burglar with tools fails to get into a home protected by a good quality security barrier
Porch package thief camera mounted too high
Porch package thief Camera mounted too high, need a second camera covering the street
Porch package thief camera mounted too high, no time stamps
Porch package thief camera mounted too high, poor res. No embedded time stamps.
Porch package thief Very poor resolution, did they capture this from a cell phone? No time stamps
Porch package thief, Yi camera behind screen resulting in a bad image, also side angle. Try to mount by the door next time.
Porch package thief, no time stamp. what's with all the poor resolutions are people using cell phones to recapture the images?
Night time porch thief
Camera mounted too high, night time porch thief
Night time flag thief - no time stamps, add more cameras for coverage
Nice capture, now if only we can use it in court. Needs a embedded time stamp
Time stamp included! If Kuna can do this why not the others?
Day time porch thief, 1080P res - however very poor quality capture from Ring, and no time stamp
Night time porch thief major failure to capture any ID, camera too high, Nest
Quality camera and image capture, thief backs away from camera wears a hoodie - use 2 cameras - one at face level by the door.
Porch thief at night, Nest fails to get a good capture while suspect is moving
Porch visitor spends a lot of time determining if the package is worth it. Add more than one camera to get a better chance at a good ID image.
Example of moving figuring being difficult to get a good capture at night
Porch thief camera mounted too high
Neighbor hit by porch thief
Ring day time porch thief, no embedded time stamp
another Ring day time porch thief, recommend more than just one camera
Ring compression results in less than a nice 1080P image, great angle, no timestamps
Nest image capture of daytime package thief, camera mounted too high
3 videos of an evening thief checking for unlocked cars, night time images are the most challenging.
Night time thief checking for unlocked cars, nest fails to get any good captures as it it too mount too far away and uses too much compression
Now here's a quality PTZ watching a night time thief
You probably also want to see his video of his neighbor's house explosion in the garage
Use 2 quality cameras mounted low enough to increase the chances of a good ID image
Mount the cameras closer to the cars if you have a wide FOV, you need enough pixels on target to get a good ID shot
pint sized porch thief
Watch your curb side mail boxes! ( this a good camera setup, notice the in close view )
Porch thief caught on Ring, no time stamps
Camera mounted too high, still a fun one to watch
Mount a camera at eye level by your front door. Most people mount cameras too high.
Remember porch thieves often use cars so have enough cameras setup
Camera mounted too high. If you want to mount a camera high, at least add another one lower.
Remember to use more than one camera, mount the cameras low enough for a chance at a good facial ID image.
Package thief gets caught by neighbor - notice the thief put the hood of his hoodie once he approached the target.
( thus do plan for multiple cameras and try to get a good image as they approach from the street / sidewalk. )
Attack at night, parked car vandalized by hooded thugs: ( remember more cameras, and cover the street to ID cars )
Man with gun caught on residents camera ringing doorbell
Vehicle burglary. Remember moving objects in low light conditions are harder to get a good image capture on.

Just for fun...

Note security cameras are useful for more than just intruders and thieves

Just for fun, when you need a good PTZ:
forum discussion on it


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Sounds like a good system. Bought the 4MP Q-see from Costco a few months ago when it was on sale.

I agree with buying bulk Ethernet cord. Easy to make own lengths plus if you aren't happy with it you can easily just disconnect the cameras and return to store without having to undo your wiring. Camera systems don't fall under Costco's electronic 90 day return policy so you can always return if ever unhappy
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Original Poster
Our community has rated this post as helpful. If you agree, why not thank ?
Quote from TxJDog
.. Camera systems don't fall under Costco's electronic 90 day return policy so you can always return if ever unhappy

For those looking at buying security camera systems PLEASE remember to bench test them and see if you are happy with their performance before climbing up ladders and mounting the cameras.

UPDATE - 11/23/2017:

Do you need or want quality low light cameras to go with one of these Dahua OEM PoE systems?

If so, I recommend the following Aliexpress store: Empire
This is due to the out standing reputation and service a gentleman by the name of Andy who works / runs the store has done with the members of ipcamtalk.com.
You can check that site out to check his reputation if you like. ( his handle is EmpireTecAndy - he also posts his email address there )

If he has stock he will ship DHL right away, so no crazy long 4-6 week wait. He has also reduced his prices for Black Friday.

Note - as it is challenging to ship from / to China, you can't easily return these like you can from US vendors so you have to be certain you want to buy these.
Trust me, the cameras listed below are quality international models with metal cases. (*)

Recommended for the Front door - place camera at 5-6 feet high. Nice solid case.
Dahua Starlight mini-dome wedge IPC-HDBW4231F-AS - also can record audio where legally allowed. Get 2.8mm lens if right in front of subjects, otherwise 3.6mm. Also has microSD slot.

Dahua Starlight turret HDW4231EM-AS - a nice fixed lens camera - get 3.6mm lens ( 87°) or 6mm ( better zoom, 51° ). Can record audio also. Also has microSD slot.

Dahua Starlight varifocal turret IPC-HDW5231R-Z - killer low light camera with 4x optical zoom. Can record audio also. Also has microSD slot.

Dahua Starlight varifocal bullet IPC-HFW5231E-Z - kill low light camera with 4x optical zoom. Same bullet style as in the 4K Lorex and Costco 4k Q-see kits.

These cameras do not come with power adapters - so you will need a PoE switch, NVR with PoE, or a PoE power injector.

( * Be careful and avoid Chinese market cameras which are hard to update the firmware, and typically lower build quality with more plastic - if you try to update the hacked/patched with English language Chinese market cameras they will revert to P2P and Chinese language.. a real pita )
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I'm lichen these deals!
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Let's see if my local Costco has the same deal. Dahua hardware with Lorex Warranty and support. Lorex has come a long way since their aquisition by FLIR.
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Nice! Too bad my old 1080p analog system is still working. Do not want to spend to rewire again
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Which Costco is this?
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are these ip cams?
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Quote from Natycmd
Nice! Too bad my old 1080p analog system is still working. Do not want to spend to rewire again
You can use the old wires to pull new. Not impressed with these average spec bullet cameras. Megapixel is not the only important spec for cameras, just adds noise to a not sharp picture. Spec sheet for cameras doesn't say much either
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Quote from derce927
You can use the old wires to pull new. Not impressed with these average spec bullet cameras. Megapixel is not the only important spec for cameras, just adds noise to a not sharp picture. Spec sheet for cameras doesn't say much either
What do you recommend?
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Quote from htaddicted
What do you recommend?
I hate kits first off. They give you budget cameras and sell it as value because they still profit. Top to brands for the money are dahua and hikvision but if you have more money to spend for your budget there are some awesome brands. Qsee , Swann, and samsung sell garbage kits. Like full vandal proof solid metal domes flush mounted or with metal wall mount.
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Original Poster
Quote from derce927
You can use the old wires to pull new. Not impressed with these average spec bullet cameras. Megapixel is not the only important spec for cameras, just adds noise to a not sharp picture. Spec sheet for cameras doesn't say much either
True, however I have never seen kits with the cameras as ideal as I would like them to be.

That said, I wonder if this maybe actually the IPC-HFW4830E-S model even though it seems the specs are different. Hard to tell without opening up the camera and seeing the board inside.

IF it is, then I have seen some impressive pictures from it on ipcamtalk

Quote from htaddicted
What do you recommend?
Pick it up from Costco and do a bench test to see if they work well for you.

Remember there are 2 available ports which you can attach 2 more cameras to, SO you can easily add 2 cameras which fit your need better. Do you need a zoom? Do you need better night time performance? Do you need a PTZ?

Note that everyone has a slightly different need, these cameras should work very well in well lighted conditions, and should work better than many other cameras we've seen listed here, as well as many other cameras included in various kits.

Quote from elite-fusion
are these ip cams?
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Quote from derce927
I hate kits first off. They give you budget cameras and sell it as value because they still profit. Top to brands for the money are dahua and hikvision but if you have more money to spend for your budget there are some awesome brands. Qsee , Swann, and samsung sell garbage kits. Like full vandal proof solid metal domes flush mounted or with metal wall mount.
FYI - these are Dahua OEM cameras and NVR, and yes while it is a kit it does have 2 ports still available for us so we can throw in perhaps a couple of Dahua Starlights for better night time performance in key locations.

Also note, these are by no means budget cameras. Wide lens and FOV yes. Budget no. They have solid metal cases, and better than a dome camera outdoors.
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Last edited by mat2000 July 28, 2017 at 09:13 PM.
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Quote from mat2000
FYI - these are Dahua OEM cameras and NVR, and yes while it is a kit it does have 2 ports still available for us so we can throw in perhaps a couple of Dahua Starlights for better night time performance in key locations.

Also note, these are by no means budget cameras. Wide lens and FOV yes. Budget no. They have solid metal cases, and better than a dome camera outdoors.
Look like dahua oem not sure but even if they are they are low cost budget bullets in dahua portfolio. Don't have wdr or extreme wdr, no depth to field, weak point is bullet hinge and mount point, night vision not impressive, better camera have better low light or extreme low light performance lux specs below average, vandal domes are full ip67 rated and oh ya can go down to 40 below zero for operating temperature. You know how many people leave reviews that cameras fail at temperatures well above "rated for 22 degrees below zero". Only thing going for these bullets are cheap and high MP resolution

oh ya fov is only at certain resolutions and aspect ratios. 4mm many times is more like 60 degree fov. I get 2.8mm or varifocul. my front porch one is 4mm to 84mm with digital and optical zoom
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Quote from mat2000

For those looking at buying security camera systems PLEASE remember to bench test them and see if you are happy with their performance before climbing up ladders and mounting the cameras.
Priceless advise. Specially if you install and then realize that you have to return a system due to one DOA camera or something like that (Costco doesn't accept return or change of one bad camera or a small part of package. You have to return the entire package).
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