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I am not sure why this link was over in Deal Talk thread. It is a great list of focus group sites and survey sites in alphabetical order. It has been archived here on slickdeals. The OP put a lot of work into it. She has passed away this month. I know there is another list on the surveys section by another poster, but I think this one has more on it. I wish a mod could sticky this link over here as it would be very useful. Here is link.
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I have not tried all of these sites. But I thought it would be helpful to have a comprehensive list of whats out there. If I got something wrong, left one out or you are having a problem with one of the sites please tell me. I would appreciate it if the survey pros out there would tell the rest of us which are good and which are bad. Ooops I almost forgot. I tried to make sure there are no referral links. If someone finds one please let me know, it would not be intentional.

Survey Police []
Survey Police allows survey-takers like you to review, rank and file complaints against online survey companies. With no standards, no certifications and no accountability of paid survey companies, Survey Police is here to protect online survey participants.
Thanks GoGreenSpartans, I almost forgot to add this!

Would those of you who know these companies vote? Example:
UPDATE: Sorry, I am having a hard time keeping up with the votes. Please read the comments though because they are a source of good information.
Find Focus Groups, Survey Groups, Mystery Shopping Etc. By Location Etc.

Blue Book Focus Group Facilities Finder []

Focus Facilities Listed by City/State []

The Green Book Guide Of Marketing Research Services []

Marketing Research Companies Listed By City/State []

Quirks Marketing Research Review []
This site seems to have everything.

Wallet Boosters []

If it says "profiles" it means there are on site profiles you must fill out. If it has a " * " in front it means I am trying the site. If it has a " $ " in front it means I have been paid by the site.

*4 My Opinion []
online focus groups $30.00 to $50.00; surveys sweeptakes
added 02.19.2007

*20/20 Research []
Nashville, Charlotte, Miami, Online; we provide honorariums to those who participate � usually $50-150 per session

AC Nielsen HomeScan Consumer Panels []

Acronis Beta Testing []

Adept Marketing Research Studies (Give Us Your Opinions) []
Focus groups are in Beverly Hills, Encino, Burbank; Cash & Prizes

Adler-Weiner Research []
Consumers []
Professionals []
Physician's []
Illinois & Indiana []; Cash & Prizes

Advantage Research Services, Inc. []
Detroit & Grand Rapids, Michigan, Fort Wayne & South Bend, Indiana; focus groups, product testing at home, taste tests, telephone interviews
Thanks MistyGeorge!

African-American Voice []
each survey minimum of 50 points; payout = 1,000 points ($50.00)
added 02.19.2007
this company was originally apart of Global Test Market and now they have merged back as of Feb '10, no more participants

A La Carte Research []
Long Island, New York; Product Testing & Mock Juries; Cash & Prizes

Alan Newman Research/Richmond Focus Group []
registration is for Virginia residents only; Cash

All Points Survey Panels []
*Consumer Research Panel
Agricultural Research Panel
Carpet Cleaner Professionals Research Panel
Dentist Research Panel
Doctor Research Panel
Golf Course Professionals
Lawn Care Professionals Research Panel
Pest Control Professionals Research Panel
Realtor Research Panel
Veterinarian Research Panel

*Allure Experts []
Allure Magazine; Prizes & Samples

*AlphaBuzz Group []
Thanks AggieMomX2!

AlphaDetail []
Surveys forPatients [] (Invitation Code is required)
surveys for Physican []
Added 02.19.2007

Altec Lansing Online Panel []
Thanks maria36
Added 08.31.2007 DOMAIN NOT FOUND 1/27/12

Amazon Mechanical Turk- Make a pittance for your gift certificate account! []
SD link to explain how it works
Thanks NightVessel & Ciked!

* turkopticon []- addon for Firefox: rate and comment on requesters for MTurk

*American Consumer Opinion (ACOP) []

*Amplitude Research/Amp Up Now []
Prizes (Amazon GC's); longer surveys provide a $5 Gift Certificate to EACH respondent who completes the survey

Amplitude Research Panelspeak Technology Panel []
work in ANY capacity at a manager level or higher for a technology company OR you work primarily in a technology field such as programmer, system administrator, dba, software developer, web developer, or Internet security expert.*
Amazon & Target GC's

Ask Miami []
Miami-Dade, Broward and Monroe counties; Cash
Thanks MistyGeorge!

Ask Southern California []
Southern California Areas. Cash

Assistance In Marketing: Research Services Network []
Baltimore, Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbus, Costa Mesa, Hackensack, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Morristown

?Athena Market Research []

Atkins Research Group []
copyright 2001-2005; experience and service in the marketing research industry in the Southern California Area; Cash.

Attitudes Across America []
This panel has been filled and is now closed (02.08.2007)

*Baker Street Solutions []

*Begin Survey []
Copyright 2000; Cash & Prizes

*Bellwether Surveys []
Their homepage is slightly out of date.

Beta Research []
Cash & Prizes

BET Its My Thing (Black Entertainment Television) []

Blarry House Research []
no online surveys; test a new product, evaluate an existing concept, or to share opinions on a variety of issues. Topics include views on computer software and hardware, ideas for new video games, taste testing and naming food products, travel, health care, and telecommunications. discussions usually last from 1 1/2 to 2 hours, require no preparation, and you are paid $40 to $150 for your time

*Brooke Adams Research []
Thanks MistyGeorge!

Business Research Lab Employee Panel []
Thanks CountryGirl27!

Business Research Lab Medical & Dental Panel []
Thanks CountryGirl27!

Business Research Lab Online Panel []
copyright 2005; Cash & Prizes

*Bzz Agent []
WOM (word of mouth)Get Products To Test & Rewards

BuzzBack []

BuzzHeads []
Thanks MistyGeorge!

BuzzSponge []
Cash & Prizes

*C2 Consumer Research []
focus groups; $75.00-$150.00

CalTech Internet Surveys of American Opinion Project []

Cambridge Soft []
Beta Testing
Thanks MistyGeorge!

Campos, Inc. []
Southwestern Pennsylvania;
Thanks CountryGirl27!

*Carnation Instant Breakfast Consumer Panel []
added 02.20.2007

*Celestial Seasonings Online Evaluations & Focus Groups []
Thanks NightVessel!

Center Code []
Beta Testing
Thanks MistyGeorge!

Guide to ChaCha
You must be invited to join; Cash;
Thanks Shuriken!

Chadwick, Martin, Bailey []
Sage Technology Panel [] professionals who evaluate, use, and purchase IT and networking products and services; cash gift from $20 to $250 or random drawing for a substantial prize, such as a laptop computer or $500 cash
added 02.24.2007

Chamberlain Research Consultants (CRC) []
Madison & Oshkosh, Wisconsin Focus Groups & online; Cash

*Chasen Research []
generally paid between $40 and $150
Thanks Bridgetro01!
added 02.26.2007

Chooz []
Win great prizes and earn cash rewards; dedicated to people aged 13 to 35; for more information see haponesa's post.
Thanks haponesa!
added 04.21.2007

Christian Hit Songs []
Thanks CountryGirl27!

Clarion Research, Inc. []
Copyright 1998; Cash & Prizes

* []
payout [] = $10.00 (paypal, GC's or miles)
added 02.18.2007

*Click IQ []
Copyright 2005; Cash & Prizes (2,500 points to cash out)

Cobbey & Associates []

Cobbey & Associates Pre-Screener (different from the one above) []

*Columbia University Centre For Decision Sciences []
Cash (paypal)

CompuRX, Inc. []

Consumer Direction []
Cash & Prizes
Thanks CountryGirl27!

Consumer Link []
Page is out of date. Cash & Prizes

*Consumer Logic []

Consumer Opinions []
Cash & Prizes

Consumer Opinion Services []
looks like Nevada, Oregon, Washington & Utah only; Cash

Consumer Product Testing Co., Inc. []
New Jersey only;

*Consumer Pulse []
Online, Phone Interviews & Focus Groups []; Prizes & Cash For Focus Groups
added 02.20.2007

*Consumer Taste Panel []
I think you have to go to their site to take surveys; sweepstakes
Thanks CountryGirl27!
added 02.20.2007

Consumer Views []

Contactor Advisory Board []
For people who work as building contractors. Cash

Contract Testing []
Brampton/Mississauga, ON; Vancouver, BC; Calgary, AB; Detroit, MI; Grand Rapids, MI; Ft. Myers, FL; Chicago, IL; Phoenix, AZ; product testing
added 02.18.2007

CosmoGirl! Kiss of Approval Panel []
added 02.20.2007

Cosmopolitan Magazine Buzz Club []
Thank you MistyGeorge!

Country Hit Songs Panel []
points for Prizes []
Thanks CountryGirl27!
added 02.20.2007

CQS Surveys []
Cash & Prizes

*Creatonomy Panel []
Rewards & Prizes
Thanks CountryGirl27!
added 02.20.2007

Cultural Logic
GC's & Cash
Thanks Mom2ToPooches (go to Mom2Topooches Post to find out how to join)
added 03.14.2007

CVopinions []
To join e-mail them @, put the word join in the subject line, for more information see Tarah86's post. They give CV Points which are redeemable for cash (check) once you reach 15,000. Every 1,000 CV Point equals $1 cash.
Thanks Tarah86!
added 04.21.2007

CyberPulse Multi-Client Omnibus Survey []
Cash & Prizes

Cyber Survey []
last update 2002; Game Testers?; Prizes
Thanks MistyGeorge!
*Datatelligence []
Online surveys, focus groups, fragrance testing and in-home product use tests
Cash & Prizes []
added 02.20.2007

Delve []
Focus Groups are in Appelton (Wi), Atlanta, Chicago, Columbus (Ohio), Dallas, Kansas City (Mo), L.A., Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Seattle & St. Louis
updated 03.02.2007

Digital Documents Advisory Panel []
select group of business decision-makers who provide input into their companies' purchases of output devices and solutions; Cash & Prizes

*Digital Research []
Cash & Prizes

?Directive Analytics []
Thanks CountryGirl27!

Disney Online Research Panel []
Thanks CountryGirl27!

DMD Surveys (medical) []
*Patient Panel []
Pharmacist (Hospital) Panel []
Pharmacist (Retail) Panel []
Physicans Panel []
Cash, GC's & prizes
added 02.20.2007

*Donow Research []

Draft N' Drag (for fans of stock car racing) []
quarterly sweepstakes, points toward gift certificates or Reward points can be redeemed at any BuzzSponge community of which you are a member.
added 02.20.2007

Drug Voice []
We are not recruiting any new members at this time for the panels (02.05.2007).
Cash & Prizes

Dubit Informer []
for people age 25 or younger; Cash
added 02.21.2007

Dunkin' Donuts' Advisory Panel Get Free GC's & Rewards For Surveys []
Added 8.30.2007

*East Coast Survey []

*eCGlobal Panel []
GC's & Prizes
added 02.20.2007

Ecker and Associates []
San Fransisco Bay area only; Cash

ECN Research []

The Edge []
Cash & Prizes

Education Research Project []
teachers, supervisors, coordinators, and administrators; Cash

eGlobal Panel []
copyright 2005; Prizes

eGlobal eMystery Shopper []

eJury []
Cash & Prizes

Elite Opinion []
Business2Business; Cash or GC's

Elliott Benson/Sacramento Market Research []

Employee Surveys []
The Business Research Lab; copyright 1999-2003; Cash & Prizes

Encuesta, Inc. []
Hispanic Descent
receive by mail the incentive promised (typically $3.00 to $5.00 per survey or a gift)
added 02.20.2007

E-Poll []
Cash & Prizes

E-Research Global []
Cash (paypal or check)

E-Rewards []
Rewards from various companies
VOTE: Good = 2+

* Research Panel []
Cash & Prizes

*Esearch Specialty Business/IT Panel Registration []
I think you have to join Esearch first. After I joined I was invited to join this one.
In most instances everyone is paid for their time (amount varies and is usually between $15-$50 per survey).
added 03.10.2007

Essence Volume []
African-American woman; Prizes

eSurvey Net []
To join our panel of consumers who participate in surveys, please send us an e-mail requesting our brief "sign up" survey. It takes less than 5 minutes to complete. Click here to send the e-mail request.
copyright 2005; Cash & Prizes

*eTown Panel []
eTownPanel awards prizes in the form of gift certificates. Several respondents to each survey are selected at random as winners, and the gift certificates are sent to them via email several weeks after the survey closes. The gift certificates are sent to the email address associated with the completed questionnaire -- so please use your real email address and type carefully.
added 02.20.2007

Evans Data Corporation []
As a developer panelist your input will help software tool makers create the tools that you want to use, and the developer programs you wish to be part of. You also have the opportunity to win cash for each survey completed.
added 02.20.2007

Executive Advisory Board []

Experience Life Consumer Panel []
Every time you complete a survey, you�ll be entered into a drawing to win a VISA Gift Card valued up to $250. And each completed survey is an entry into our year-end Grand Prize � a $1,000 VISA Gift Card!
added 02.23.2007

Exponential Edge, Inc. []
As a member of our research panel you could be eligible for prizes and honorariums to participate in surveys and focus groups*. We are currently seeking IT and Marketing Professionals at large and mid-sized corporations to join our panel.
added 02.20.2007

Express Market Research []
Thanks lanag2003!

Express Medical Research (doctors & patients) []
Thanks lanag2003!
Fact Finders, Inc. []
Cash & Prizes

Family Fun Magazine []
Our FamilyFun Reader Panel consists of volunteer families who are e-mailed periodically and asked for their ideas and opinions on various FamilyFun topics, from crafts and cooking to traditions and travel. In return for submitting ideas, these expert families win our eternal gratitude � plus cash and prize incentives.
added 02.20.2007

Fantasy Sports Research Panel []
added 02.20.2007

FGI Research []
Cash & Prizes
Thanks MistyGeorge!

Fieldwork, Inc. []
various cities in the USA; Cash

Fifty Plus Survey []
For every survey you complete, you will earn reward points. You can redeem the reward points for a gift certificate to certain stores like, Starbucks, Target and Blockbuster after you reach a certain level of eligibility.
added 02.20.2007

Fing'rs Girlz Product Tester []
dynamic collection of new nail products;
Thanks MistyGeorge!

Fleischman Field Research []
San Francisco Area; Cash

Fly Club []
earn cash, free coupons, vouchers or to be included into our draws!
added 02.20.2007

Focuscope []
Focus Groups in Detroit, Normal/Bloomington Area, Chicago & Oak Park, Illinois, Cash & Prizes
Thanks MistyGeorge!

Focus Forward Hispanic Market Research Services []
Thanks Ryans~Fluffy!

*Focus Forward Market Research Services []
Cash (by check $10.00 and up)
updated 03.10.2007

Focus Line []
Cash & Prizes

Focus On Boston []
Click on participants. Boston area. Cash

Focus On service []
restaurant secret shopper;
Thanks BabyQueen262893!

Focus Room []
Locations in New York & Conneticut; Cash

Focus World Market Research []
copyright 2000; Cash

Food Perpectives []
product testing; Twin Cities Minneapolis Area;
added 02.19.2007

*Food Quiz []
Cash & Prizes

Game Crew []
devoted exclusively to gaming and electronic entertainment enthusiasts. Cash & prizes

*Gang & Gang, Inc. []
Cash & Prizes

Global Survey Group []
I am not signing up for this one, acts spammy; Cash & Prizes

GlobalTestMarket []
VOTE: Good = +

GoGlobal Technologies Inc. []
Cash & Prizes

Golf Software Beta Tests []
added 02.19.2007

Golf Testing []
Currently Being Revamped; Cash & Prizes

*Gongos & Associates []
Cash & Prizes

Good Housekeeping Product Tester Panel []
Thanks MistyGeorge!

Good Housekeeping Reader Panel []
Thanks MistyGeorge!

Go Zing []
Copyright 2004; Cash

Grace Market Research, Inc. []
Cash & Prizes

Great Opinions []

Greenfield Online []
VOTE: Bad = X
NOTE: Inbox Dollars (in the PTT section below) will let you take 1 survey a day, usually through Greenfield and you will get $1.00 per completed survey.
updated 04.21.2007

Gulf Surveys []
Cash & Prizes

Hagen/Sinclair Research Recruiting []

Harris Poll []
Cash & Prizes

*Harvard Business School Research []

*HCD Surveys Consumer Panel []

HCD Surveys For Health Care Non-Physician Panel []

HCD Surveys For Physicians []

Heinz Advisor []
Product Testing
Thanks MistyGeorge!

Hill Top Research []

Home School Product Testing []
Thanks MistyGeorge!

*Hotspex []

How Stuff Works Market Research Program []

Hewlett-Packard Product Test []
Thanks MistyGeorge!

HumanCentric []
Cary, NC area only?

Human Interfaces []
02.09.2007 At this time, we are not accepting new applicants for participation in user research. Thanks for your interest in our research efforts. Copyright 2001
Thanks MistyGeorge!

Illuminated Ink []
Catholic products for kids;
Thanks MistyGeorge!

Impulse Research Advisory Panel []
Cash & Prizes

In Demand Panel []
I think it has something to do with cable/satellite, pay-per-view etc.
added 02.21.2007

Infoco []

InfoNet Research []
added 02.21.2007

Informa Research Services []
Seattle, Washington area; Adults & Kids; Focus Groups & Online Research; Cash

Informa Research Services Mystery Shopper Program []

In-Home Product Testing []
added 8.20.2007

Inside Heads []
copyright 2004; Cash & Prizes

*Insight Express []
added 02.21.2007

*Institute for Online Consumer Studies []
Cash (paypal) & Prizes
added 02.21.2007

IntelliSurvey []
Click on panels, then join panel; Cash & Prizes

International Survey Room []
Cash & Prizes

Internet Poll []
Cash & Prizes

Internet Survey Center []
Cash & Prizes

Internet Survey Panel []
The Internet Survey Panel is currently being redesigned.
added 02.21.2007

Intuit Beta Testing []
Thanks MistyGeorge!

iopinion []
Cash & prizes

*Ipsos I Say [urlhasbeenblocked]

I Think, Inc. []
regular & sports panels; Cash

J.D. Power Panel []
I cannot get it to work, but it might be my computer.
added 02.23.2007

*Jett Survey []
added 02.23.2007

Jewelry Consumer Opinion Council []
Cash & Prizes

Jury Talk []

JRA Global Healthcare Research Services []

*J. Reckner Associates []
New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin (& other national locations);
Cash: Kids & Adults
added 02.21.2007

*Kanay Research Institute []

*Keynote Research Panel []

Kidz Eyes [] (Kids)
Cash & Prizes

Kid's Panel []
Cash & Prizes

Kyocera Wireless Corporation []
Product Testing; The products to be evaluated can range from hand held cellular or PCS phones, to fixed, desktop-style cellular/PCS phones, or other wireless data products for personal computers, etc.
Thanks MistyGeorge!

L & E Research []
North Carolina only?; Cash & Prizes

Latino Eyes []
Cash & Sweepstakes (site is in spanish)
added 02.23.2007

Leibowitz Research []
North Carolina Only?; Cash & Prizes

Lein/Sieglhoff, Inc. []
focus groups, individual interviews, phone surveys, product placements, central location testing, ethnographic studies, mock juries, taste tests, in home interviews and music tests. Wisconsin Only;

*Lightspeed Panel []
Cash, GC's & Prizes
Vote: Ok =@ Good=+

Lightspeed Panel (Spanish) []
added 03.10.2007

Lionbridge: LiveTest Web Usability Testing Solution []
signup []

Live Surveys []
We have removed our Panelist Area temporarily.
Cash & Prizes

Live Wire Research []
To join e-mail them.

*London Business School []
Cash (paypal); It is supposed to be international.
added 02.23.2007

Long John Silver's Restaurants []
Thanks Misty George!

*Lottery Research Panel (Worldwide) []
Cash & Prizes
added 02.23.2007
MaCorr, Inc. Web Panel []
Cash drawings & Prizes
added 02.23.2007

Market Facts []
added 02.23.2007

*Market Force []
Thanks msaehughes!
added 02.27.2007

*Marketing Analytics' (online focus groups) []
Cash (~$35.00 for 45 min to 1 hr.)

Market Intellect []
*Consumer Signup []
Business Research signup []
added 02.23.2007

Market Profiles []
added 02.23.2007

Market Reader Pro []
Cash & Prizes

Marketscore Research Community []
Marketscore research community is no longer accepting new registration requests (02.05.2007).

*Market Surveys []
win cash prizes, gift certificates or other types of awards and premiums offered for taking part in our surveys

*Market View Research []
Copyright 1999 - 2005; Prizes

*Mars Research []
click on participate; Cash & Prizes

*Matrix Group []

Maximum Research
*Consumer/Executive/Professional []
Physician / Medical Industry []
Thanks MistyGeorge!

*MBS []
cash ($0-$10 or more), product samples and/or GC's

*McMillion Research []
They use Mindfield listed below. Cash

Meczka Marketing/Research/Consulting, Inc. []
Kids to Adults;
Thanks MistyGeorge!

Medical Advisory Board []
healthcare professionals; Cash

Medical Marketing Conference (MMC) []
healthcare professionals; Cash (by check)
added 02.23.2007

*Media Transfer AG []
Cash & Prizes

MetriNets Expert Panel []
user, frequent buyer or decision maker, an integrator or a developer of a product, service or technology (IT); IT Devices prize draws where they can win the latest tech gadgets
added 02.23.2007

Metro Research Services []
copyright 1998-2004; WDC area only;

*MForce []
copyright 2001; 18 +; Cash

Microsoft Playtest Game Research []
Thanks MistyGeorge! Research Panel []
Cash & Prizes

Microsoft Usability Research []
Thanks MistyGeorge!

Mills Advisory Panel []
General Mills products, as well as products from Small Planet Foods and 8th Continent;
at this time we are only accepting new members who have received an invitation by email to join the panel.
added 02.23.2007

*MindField Online []
Cash (sent by check in $10.00 increments)

Mindwave Online Advisory Forum []
online focus groups ranges from $50 - $100 an hour & Prizes
added 02.23.2007

Mom's Mind Pool []
for parents
added 02.23.2007

Morpace International []
Mock Juries & Focus Groups; certain areas(?); Cash
Thanks MistyGeorge!

Mother's Know Best []
payout = 1,000 points ($50.00 by check)
added 02.23.2007

Motorola�s iDEN Subscriber Group []
Cash & Products
Thanks MommaOf2!

Movies for Mommies []
$200 gift certificate to a luxurious day spa

Music Poll []
copyright 2000; Cash & Prizes

Music Research []
Cash & Prizes

My Survey/NFO []
Cash & Prizes
VOTE: Good = 2+

*My Thoughts Matter []
Cash, Prizes & Sweepstakes
added 02.23.2007

My View (formely Survey Direct) []
MyView is an invitation only panel.

Nailene Product Tester []
Thanks MistyGeorge!

Netverdix []
Thanks searchez!
Added 8.30.2007

Newsday Advisory Panel []
residents of Nassau, Suffolk or Queens County, New York; win cash & prizes
added 02.23.2007

Nickelodeon Panel Polls [] (Kids 6-14)
kids ages 6-14; cash payments, online gift certificates, or chances to win prizes for their participation in each survey.
added 02.23.2007

Nielsen Net Panel [] (Kids?)
you have to download something to participate; Cash & Prizes

Nima Hunter Inc. Research Panels []
broad cross section of industries and professions that use, purchase or recommend hardware, software, supplies or services for publishing, printing, or packaging; cash, free white papers, discounts on seminars, and special offers on market research reports, publications and other products
added 02.23.2007

NPD Online Research []
Cash & Prizes

*Ocean Spray Consumer Advisory Panel []
our panel has been filled and is now closed (for the time being)
added 02.23.2007

Off The Cuff Link/Q-Fact []
Cash & Prizes

Online Global Recruiting (part of Brand) []
added 02.24.2007

Online Surveys []
Cash & Prizes

*Opinionate Worldwide []
cashout = $20.00 (paypal/Cash)
copyright 2004

*Opinion Bar []
You need the OpinionBar software in order to participate in a survey.
copyright2002; Cash
added 02.24.2007

Opinion Mart []
copyright 2002; Prizes
added 02.24.2007

*Opinion Outpost []
VOTE: Good = +

Opinion Place []

Opinions @ Trone []
Cash & Prizes

*Opinion Square []
Prizes & GC's []
it says you must install their software, but I have received surveys in my e-mail.
added 02.18.2007

Opinion Surveys []

Opinions Unlimited []
Texas only; Cash & Prizes

Opinion Surveys []
I think its part of Greenfield Online. Prizes

OralCare.Com []
Thank you MistyGeorge!

Orman Guidence Research []
Thanks MistyGeorge!

*Osmoz Club []
Cash & Prizes

Osterman Research []
IT professionals and non-technical end users in small, mid-sized and large organizations; Cash & Prizes

*OTX Survey Exchange []

Our Radar []
copyright 2005; Cash

Oxygen (TV) Research Panel []
eligible to enter a sweepstakes to win cash prizes and/or cool Oxygen merchandise

Participants Online []
copyright 1999 - 2005; Cash & Prizes

Partnership-Plus []
We pay you to tell us about your new clothing; Cash & Prizes

Permission Research []
have to install software to use this program; Sweepstakes Prizes

*Persuadable Research []
Cash drawings

Peryam & Kroll Research []
Focus sites Chicago, IL; Plano, TX; Santa Ana, CA; and White Plains, NY & online; Cash
Thanks Tsquared!

Pet Buddies []
copyright 2004; surveys, in home tests, focus groups and other projects


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Thank you Stupified for the wonderful suggestion! Our very own Mr SD and Redsolar created the wiki that you now see in this thread of the archieved thread, and I have *stickied* it in this forum as a resource. Enjoy, everyone!!
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Quote from finzz2dlft
Thank you Stupified for the wonderful suggestion! Our very own Mr SD and Redsolar created the wiki that you now see in this thread of the archieved thread, and I have *stickied* it in this forum as a resource. Enjoy, everyone!!
Smilie Thanks for putting Sweetestchana's list in the wiki and stickie for all to reference!nod
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I am not sure why this link was over in Deal Talk thread. It is a great list of focus group sites and survey sites in alphabetical order. It has been archived here on slickdeals. The OP put a lot of work into it. She has passed away this month. I know there is another list on the surveys section by another poster, but I think this one has more on it. I wish a mod could sticky this link over here as it would be very useful. Here is link.
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Wow what a list and am I glad I stumbled upon this thread.

Can anybody speak to their experience with either of these sites?

A few individuals in the cube next to me at work mentioned these as paying sites. Do you have to have a PayPal account for

Thanks for the help and again the wonderful list of links.
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I remember some of the names from doing paid surveys almost half a decade ago, so are all the links listed in the Wiki paid focus groups and survey sites?
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Is ECN reputable? Some of the "offers" sound so much like scams.
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