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Quote from cheaphguy :
As a owner of a 4gb and 8gb chromebook, you have 0 worries about what you are running or want to run with 8b. 4gb, you might have to compromise with 480/360p youtube if multitasking. Besides that, if you only have 200$ to spend on this type of machine, this is a good deal.
As an owner of both as well, I've had zero worries about either and doing what you want.

No idea what the youtube/multitasking thing is trying to say. I frequently have a bazoodle of chrome tabs, 4k video and other stuff going on with 4GB of ram, and I have never had to pick a lower resolution like 480 on ANYTHING, including my 7 year old sony android tv that has a whopping 2GB. It does 4k streams while it's doing all sorts of things.

A dev might need more. Most anyone who really can't live in 4 are well aware of it, because the apps they use require a lot more room.

I see these same sorts of comments with regards to mac's and if 8gb is enough.

If you're asking, it sure is. Because if you're asking, your apps run just fine in less memory.
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